Our Tips To Fight Obesity With Better Sleep Habits And CPAP Care

By Maria Rogerson

December 30, 2013Medicine

Obesity today has become an important health issue and the most frightening thing about it is the fact that it continues to grow at an alarming rate. One of the many ways to fight with this condition is to start eating right and exercise regularly. Also, quantity and quality of sleep is important as people who sleep less tend to eat more. Lack of sleep is another big common problem. In fact, obesity and poor sleep are closely related. If you have problems with obesity, you certainly have sleep problems and if you have sleep problems, they will eventually lead to obesity. The most common sleep problem today is sleep apnea, which can be managed with the right CPAP care and sleep apnea devices.

Obesity With Better Sleep Habits

We all know that good sleep is a vital part for normal living, but in reality many people do not get enough sleep. Yes, exercise and eating healthy are very important. But so is the quality of sleep. But why do people get fat? Simply said, when the amount of calories increases and exercise levels decline, then we start to store extra fat in our bodies. If we add a sleeping problem to this, we get a recipe for obesity. In fact, one of the major culprits to sleep apnea is extra body weight. Also, lack of sleep can significantly disrupt hormone levels and slower metabolism. It can also increase the appetite, which is why many tend to eat when not fully rested.

If you have a problem with weight, the best way to treat it is to find out if you may have a sleeping problem. Like we mention above, the most common sleeping disorder which is closely linked to obesity is sleep apnea. This sleeping disorder is treated with sleep apnea equipment and right CPAP care. If you do use certain CPAP equipment, you must do regular CPAP cleaning to ensure the best performance and prevent infections. Proper CPAP equipment and CPAP care are necessary for good sleep and healthy body and mind. So, if you have a sleeping problem, talk to your doctor about appropriate CPAP care that will best suit you.

Also, in order to fight obesity and improve your sleep, try to eat healthy food and exercise regularly. Avoid eating at least two hours before going to bed because food gives body fuel that is used as energy and at this time of day, you do not need any energy at all. If you really do need to eat something, then have something some light like fruit or yogurt. However, stick to lighter food even during the day. Do not eat junk and high-calorie food. Instead, eat food that is rich in protein, healthy fats and vitamins. Also, try go to bed at the same time every night so your body will get used to this routine and with time it will become natural. It is highly recommended to exercise daily. If you do not have time for gym, at least try to walk for 30 minutes every day.