Fishing Lures: Life-Like, No Predator Can Resist

By Steve George

February 4, 2021Fishing

Aside from the pleasure it brings, fishing is a relentless pursuit that demands a great deal of preparation and labour. If you want to be successful, you need to have everything defined to the smallest detail. Of course, this means picking the perfect fishing spot. And to do that, it’s a necessity to study the weather, the water temperature, the seasonal dynamics, and the water clarity of the area. You should know all of this because it can make a critical difference while fishing; between success and failure.

Additionally, you should find out more about your prey. You should know its seasonal dynamics, especially in regards to the factors mentioned before. Even more, you must know its preferences and habits. Every fish is different, so you need to be prepared for every possibility. And this brings us to the most talked-about part of fishing, the fishing tackle.

Go to any local fishing shop, and you’ll see an abundance of equipment with thousands of specifications. Most newbie fishermen believe that picking a high-quality fishing reel suitable for the type of fish and conditions is what’s critical to achieving success. However, one commonly overlooked element is the bait, which can be a decisive factor. After all, the fish lure is what attracts and hooks the fish. So, you should always have the exact lure for fishing for your goals.

An Abundance of Bait


Be that as it may, picking the best lure isn’t easy. The market is abundant, and it can feel as if there are too many choices. Well, picking the right option can be straightforward as long as you focus on what you need. Remember, every fish and every fishing spot is different, so your equipment always needs to adapt.

With that being said, the first thing to have in mind is that fish are peculiar fussy creatures. They are picky about size, sound, vibration, look, feel, and much more. Nevertheless, they are not impossible to catch, and you have a large selection of fishing lures at your disposal. Most importantly, an industry-standard is to make them as life-like as possible, to mimic the behaviour and look of the insects and other prey native to that area. So, if you make the perfect choice of both the right fishing equipment and attractive fishing lures, you’ll have a fun and successful fishing trip.

Consider the Size of Fish You Want to Catch


Regarding size, if you’re hunting smaller, weaker fish, it’s best to go for smaller types so that the fish can easily suck onto them. But also, you can go with a softer, more life-like look. In this situation, it’s recommended to pick a small and light soft-plastic lure. Furthermore, these lures can mimic erratic behaviour, moving everywhere and attracting all the prey; which is a plus in murkier, colder waters where fish see less. Also, they’re great in both surface and deep water fishing.

However, eventually, you might want to challenge yourself and try to catch a stronger and bigger fish. Then, you’ll need a bigger fishing lure and one that is more durable. Under these circumstances, soft-plastic just doesn’t cut it, and it’s best to go with a hard-body one – particularly in areas with clearer water and brighter levels of light.

Hard-body lures are divided into two types, crank-baits and poppers. Crank-baits, which are more popular, allow you to make it seem that the lure is alive, by moving it up and down using the mechanisms. On the other hand, poppers have this mechanism that creates a rush of outward travelling water. Therefore, they can create an illusion of struggling prey to the predator.

Surprisingly, Colour Matters


Now, this might come as a surprise, but fish can see colour. But, they don’t universally see the same colours. Depending on their environment, they develop different eyesight. So, same as like anglers can be picky about choosing the right fishing jacket; fish are too when it comes to which colours they find attractive.

However, colour doesn’t appear the same in water. And as such, fish see differently from us. This is due to the fact of how light changes when it enters the water. Therefore, the light’s intensity quickly decreases and the colour changes. Interesting fact, fish can even see ultraviolet.

Taking this into account, if you want to hunt largemouth bass, then you should pick a diving hard-body or adequate soft-plastic lure in red or green. The bass really love these hues. On the other hand, other popular fish, like trout, can see red, green, blue, and ultraviolet. Luckily, there are many varieties of baits for fishing that come in a multitude of colours.

Always a Catch


As a whole, fishing should be a fun, fulfilling experience. Be that as it may, you should not take it lightly. You want to dedicate yourself to your craft, and to accomplish that, you need to have a steady, consistent approach that covers all bases. From the largest components, like the rod, reel, and similar, to the smallest details like fishing lures. And apart from that, choosing the best lures can be a promising long-term investment. If you take care of them, you’ll have a full tackle box that can last you years and can continuously offer you an entertaining hunt.

And last, but not least, you need to be sure that you’re up to the task. That you are capable enough of a fisherman to succeed and bring out the best of your equipment. Don’t forget: You’re in control.