Our Tips of Horse Care for First Time Horse Owners

By Maria Rogerson

March 13, 2019Pets

Though horses are big and strong animals, they’re still graceful creatures and building a relationship with them can really be fulfilling for both of you, once you earn their trust.

Spending time with horses, or as in the example of horse riding specifically, there are many benefits you can count on for your mental and overall health. Along with this, there’s joy and valuable lessons when taking care of a horse, tending to its needs.

Okay, it’s not exactly as easy as taking care of a dog or a cat for instance, but it’s just as enjoyable. At the same time, it can be more expensive too, particularly for first-time owners, but it’s nothing having the right strategy can’t fix.

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Since acquiring the adequate equipment is important, such as saddles, blankets, wraps, sheets, boots and wraps to name few, there’s no way about it, you’d have to invest in it yet a more affordable solution is to resort to 2nd hand horse riding gear instead.

All you have to make sure is find the reliable store, check whether the bits and pieces of gear are in a good shape, and purchase. Though you might not like the idea of 2nd hand horse riding gear at first, it’s good to note brand new gear can be expensive.

Moreover, it’s not the only necessity you’d have to acquire – there’s food (and mind you, horses eat a lot!), exercise, maintenance and medication to think of too. So, our tip is to save up buying second hand and have more money for the other basic care requirements.

Horses do great eating hay or grass daily, and other than providing them with either, you have to make sure they eat up to 2% of their body weight per day. Depending on their nutrition, whether or not there are enough vitamins and minerals, some horses may require additional nutrients provided by supplements, so it’s advisable to stay alert to any health changes.


Regular vet checks and consultations are another must, particularly when it’s about a horse’s their teeth and hooves, which is a responsibility you’d have to add to your priorities of horse care, along with daily grooming.

It might be easier for you if you keep a journal to have all the chores well taken care of, and if you find it’s a task too big for you, in case you’re busy with work or travelling, you should consider getting the help of reliable people, be it family members or friends, if you can’t exactly afford professional help.

Remember, a horse well looked after is a healthy and happy one!