Make It Special: Our Tips for Decorating Your Wedding Arch

By Maria Rogerson

October 16, 2019Lifestyle

The wedding ceremony is the most important part of your wedding day. It’s during this moment that you and your partner promise your commitment to each other. It’s the whole reason you’re hosting this event in the first place. It’s not the venue, it’s not the food – it’s this exact moment.

And such a significant moment should have a focal point that enhances its ceremonious nature. And what better focal point to use than an arch? A wedding arch frames the two of you while you say your vows, and is the backdrop for when your guests first see you as husband and wife. With that being said, it’s also going to be one of the most photographed decorations of the day. So, to make those memories perfect, you want to invest a great deal of attention into decorating your arch.

Depending on the theme of the wedding, location, time of year and budget, there are many aspects to consider when it comes to decorating wedding archs. As a result, any bride-to-be can get overwhelmed by this task. Whether you’re dreaming of a simple and elegant or an elaborate and unique wedding arch – here are some tips to help you nail your desired look.

Pick the Right Arch

Let’s start with the basics. Before you can move on to decorating, you need a good supportive arch. After all, you don’t want it to be knocked down by the wind and fall on top of you during your most precious moment. As there are many wedding archs available at event supply stores, make sure to pick one made of strong metal or wood, and avoid the plastic ones. Also, check whether it features sturdy foot bases that can keep the arch firmly in place.

Additionally, it’s also important to consider the arch’s finish. Ideally, you should look for a neutral colour that won’t disrupt the final look of the arch. A clean white finish is the prefered option – as you can never go wrong with white on your wedding day! The shape of the arch is also an important factor to consider. Depending on your preference, you can choose a rectangular, oval or circular arch.

Go Classic

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If you love classic wedding archs, then a great idea is to use a gauzy fabric such as tulle or organza. When wrapping the fabric around the arch, don’t do it too tightly. Instead, leave extra fabric at each rung so that it falls softly. This way, the arch will get a more relaxed, romantic look. This basic look is also easy to upgrade with some greenery and flowers. Try decorating the arbour’s top with some garland, maple leaves, ivy, sunflowers, roses or similar cute greenery. Or try the three-point approach – tie floral arrangements at the top and both sides (halfway down, or a bit higher).

Try Rustic

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Are you planning for your wedding to have a rustic theme? In that case, the wedding arch also needs to match. So, start by picking an arbour made of wood or wrought iron for your basis. Then, add some branches and greenery for a natural, textured look. Try anchoring the design with some vintage items, like for instance old metal milk jugs and wooden crates. You can also add some lanterns with candle lights next to the arch as part of the arrangement which will give the whole look a more romantic appeal.

Showcase Your Bohemian Side

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If you’re free spirits and wanderers, showcase your bohemian side through your wedding décor. Try emebelshing your wedding arch with a crocheted quilt or some macrame to create a minimalist yet chic look. Or, try to mix up different flowers, metals, rope and similar things to give the design a delightfully eclectic vibe.

Make It Beachy

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Are you having a beach wedding? How awesome! Although beach wedding archs can look any way, it really accentuates the feeling if you decorate them in a coastal style. Try wrapping the arch with a thick rope and then dangle some large seashells and starfish from the arch. Bright tropical blooms or banana leaves and ferns also go beautifully with the beach theme. You can scatter on the ground some coconuts, bottles with messages, pearls and similar ocean stuff.

Get Colourful and Whimsical

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If you’re a fun couple that doesn’t want their wedding day to look too serious, you can liven up the ceremony with a colourful arch display. Push the boundaries of traditional wedding décor by wrapping your arch in multicoloured streamers and adding some vibrant flowers and balloons. With this type of arch, you can simply let your imagination run wild.

Let It Speak for Itself

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And finally, if you want your arch to truly say something about you – add some words to it. This can be anything, from a shared joke to a line from your favourite poem or the lyrics to your “couple song”. This is a nice way to make the arch something that’s truly personal for you.