Material Handling Equipment: Our Tips on Why Self Dumping Hoppers are a Must-Have

By Steve George

May 10, 2019Industrial Equipment

Self dumping hoppers are tools that are convenient for loading, transport and dumping bulk and waste products in a safe and handy way. Even though they are low-tech and gravity operated, their role is still important and very useful. Let’s elaborate!

Most often, self dumping hoppers are attached to the forks of a lift truck, powered pallet lifter, or in some instances onto casters. While this is usually the case, there are some instances when the device is designed to sit permanently on top of dumpsters, storage containers, or other locations. When comparing the two types, the movable ones are definitely the more convenient option than the stationary ones. When attached to a vehicle, a self dumping steel hopper can easily be moved around a warehouse, manufacturing facility, or any workspace and filled with bulk materials, scrap, trash or any other items that need transportation.


After the container is filled, the hopper can then be moved to a dumpster, storage bin or any other location you may need in a given situation. What comes next is the unloading of the material the hopper is carrying. This can be done with a simple switch of a button. The operator of the vehicle on which the hopper is attached needs to push a button that opens an oversized latch on the bottom of the hopper, allowing gravity to do its job and make the materials within the hopper fall into the desired location. Finally, after the contents of the container are emptied, there are strings that pull the bottom “door” up and the hopper then self locks and is ready to be refilled. A simple process that does a very important job.

These often overlooked devices come with a variety of applications as well. A high-quality self dumping steel hopper is generally used in recycling, construction, materials handling, manufacturing, and storage industries. Their sizes and capacities vary, and you should opt for the one that corresponds to your needs. When talking about perks, one of the biggest ones when it comes to self dumping steel hoppers is safety. They are simple to operate, the risk of injuries is at a minimum level and employees that are in charge of handling bulk items, debris and waste products will get the job done much faster.

As mentioned above, construction sites have a great use of these devices. There is a large quantity of debris found there, from wood and metal scraps to copper plumbing tubes, drywall, nails and more. All these materials can be conveniently placed in the hopper, thus keeping the construction zones clear of debris and other hazards. Finally, it is important to know that self dumping hoppers are also utilized in office buildings. They are used as for collecting paper, cardboard and other recyclables and after being filled, they are wheeled to a recycling collection area. So, to conclude, a simple tool like this one can really be helpful in improving the efficiency and safety of businesses of almost any kind.