Occasional Tables: Our Tips for Choosing the One That Fits

By Maria Rogerson

March 2, 2016Furniture House & Garden

Occasional tables

Coffee tables or occasional tables are just as important as the rest of your furniture, that is why most of us spend a lot of time looking for the right kind. They can just as easily make or break a room’s look so below we’ll go over some of the aspects you should consider when you go out to buy a coffee table.

The first question you should be asking yourself is which room is the table going to go in? The living room or the family room? They are used a bit differently in both these rooms and we’ll tell you how. In a living room a table is usually more formal and more so for decoration, it doesn’t get as much use so you can go for a glass table if you want. A family room calls for a table with a bit more stability and sturdiness. You should also consider looking for something with some storage and a table made from materials that can stand a bit more wear and tear.

If you are planning to use the table as a centrepiece, then there are also a few things you should think about. By centrepiece piece we mean something that you want your eyes to be drawn to and since there can only be one centrepiece, you have to decide whether you want that item to be your coffee table. If you decide on getting coffee tables or occasional tables as your centrepiece, make sure to consider the style, size, material, surface finish and colour. You want it to really stand out so choose wisely.

You should really think about what material you want the table to made out of, most of us don’t even realize just how many choices we have. The most obvious and most popular choice is, of course, wood, but you don’t have to feel limited. Acrylic and glass can really open up a smaller space, metal can also do the same, metal and stone together can look really good in a modern room. Your choice should be made on what you want to accomplish with the look of your space and the furniture you already have.

Do you need any extras? How functional do you need the table to be? Some of us don’t know that a coffee table can be much more than a flat surface, many newer designs come with a lot of additional features. Some that you should consider are additional shelves or drawers, this is great for smaller spaces that need more storage. If you need to move the table around a lot then consider getting one with wheels to make it easier for you. If you plan on eating at this table you should know that some tables have surfaces that can be raised to make eating or working a lot easier. This all comes down to how you plan to be spending your time on this table and making sure it fits your needs.