Our Decor Tips for Creating the Contemporary Bedroom of Your Dreams

By Maria Rogerson

October 22, 2018Furniture

While the term ‘contemporary decor’ might bring to mind the automated homes and flying cars from the Jetsons, worry not – we are not there yet. As a matter of fact, ‘contemporary’ is a fluid, ever-changing concept that encompasses all things modern and vogue, having clean and simple lines in its core. It is not tied to a certain time-period but it refers to the styles, materials, and ideas that are popular in the current day. It transforms with the new technology, trends and lifestyle changes.

contemporary bedroom furniture designs

Currently, contemporary style entails a lot of the midcentury modern, however, contemporary design adds a more eclectic and personalized kick to the modern style, which makes it much more livable, adaptable and comfortable. In today’s blog post we will share our tips on how to create different contemporary bedroom furniture designs to make the most out of the heart of your home. Let’s talk details, shall we?

The trick of all successful contemporary bedroom furniture designs is to let the room be airy and open. Do not include more furniture pieces than you actually need and try to keep things minimalistic. If you really have that much stuff that you need to store, it is better to have a closet that goes all the way up to the ceiling than to have a couple of smaller ones that do not fit well together and ruin the harmony in the room.

Since contemporary style is defined by minimalism, try to choose furniture that is as simple as possible. The same goes for the accessories. For instance, one of the best contemporary bedroom furniture designs is a platform bed with clean lines and no decorative details whatsoever. Combine it with a dresser with simple or no visible hardware and do not leave anything on top of it that you don’t really need.

Contemporary bedrooms do not need to have a lot of accessories, but the ones that you want to be a part of the overall decor should at least stand out. So for instance, in this scenario, the ideal choice is to add a minimalistic wall clock that will add interest to the walls and will not overcrowd the room. Plus, you’ll always be on time.

As for the lighting, although natural light is very important, so is artificial. In a contemporary bedroom, the lighting scheme should be subtle and eye-catching at the same time. Think fixtures with cool designs such as interesting pendant lights, an oversized chandelier, cove lighting, and some other unique options.