Our Tips for a Shared Bedroom – Design Dilemmas Resolved

By Maria Rogerson

July 4, 2018Home & Decor

As much exciting as it might seem in the beginning, sharing a room with your partner can be challenging. Yes, going to bed and waking up together is great, but adapting to sharing a private space with someone can be a bit tricky. You will need to consider the wants and needs of both of you and manage to balance them. Here are our tips for designing and decorating a room for two as well as some ideas on how to make wise compromises to make both sides of the agreement happy.


Wardrobe War

I know how frustrating it can be seeing your partner’s clothes all over your closet area. Fighting over closet room is a common problem for partners as it is often hard to stick to your allocated hanging zone, especially for women and their arsenal of shirts, skirts and bags. The answer to this sort to say ‘problem’ is very simple – have two closets instead of just one. This way, if each one of you has a place to call their own, you’ll avoid any disagreements as to whose space is whose. One great option is adding tallboys – these furniture pieces are large enough and can fit plenty of clothes.

Plus, the simple design of tallboys makes them very easy to fit in any interior design décor, and can be also put to great use in those awkward and not-that-wide walls, between windows, near doors, and even in corners. Also, if you need symmetry, a pair of tallboys – one on each side of the bedroom – will provide you and your partner with plenty of space to store your belongings as well as enough room to get ready in the morning without tripping over each other.

Size of the Bed

Since the bed is the basic element of the bedroom, it is the most important purchase you will make when decorating it. So yes, you have to choose right! But what happens when your partner wants a super king size bed, and you want the space-saving double? In this case, go for the biggest bed that you can afford and fits your space. Measure the room and figure out which pieces of furniture you need. You certainly do not want to spend sleepless nights squashed into a corner of your bed, or waking up on the floor, right? If you don’t have much space, you can always compromise on the bedside table and opt for small shelves on both sides of the bed.

TV in the Bedroom?

For a lot of people, watching TV in the bedroom is a huge no-no, while for others, it is the best way to unwind after a long, busy day. Experts on the matter agree with the naysayers, claiming that watching TV disrupts sleep patterns, but the truth is – everyone is different. Therefore, if you are not really keen on having a TV screen taking up precious room space, make it as unobtrusive as possible. For instance, you can tuck it into a shelving unit. And if you are really against it, you can also lay down some ground rules as to when to watch it, or allocate specific nights as screen-free.