Our Tips For Best Burberry Fragrance

By Maria Rogerson

April 8, 2014Perfumes


Burberry is a luxury British fashion house founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry. The brand is known for outstanding fashion clothing and accessories, including the iconic trench coat with recognizable and unique tartan pattern, one of the most copied clothing items in fashion. Aside from impeccable designs, Burberry also offers an exclusive line of perfumes for women and men – many of them in bottles adorned with the signature tartan of the company. The first Burberry fragrance was Burberry for Men which appeared in 1981. Today, this brand has 52 perfumes, all equally loved by women and men. However, one fragrance stands out – Burberry Classic.

Burberry Classic is the Burberry top-selling fragrance for women. This Burberry fragrance is a charming and simple floral, fruity and aromatically elegant perfume that combines traditional notes in a very modern manner for lasting and unique scent. The perfume opens with a fresh burst of fruits and succulent and ends with sensual and rich tones. The top notes are fresh green apple and blackcurrant followed by a mix of jasmine, cedar wood, sandalwood and moss as heart notes. Vanilla and musk are the bottom notes and add a gentle warmth to the overall scent. It was created in 1995 by Michael Almairac.

This Burberry fragrance features gold color and is packaged in pebble-shaped flat bottle with a silver cap. But classic packaging is not why this Burberry fragrance is the most sought-after fragrance. The perfume is warm, light, sensual, cozy and very feminine. It is not too strong nor too mild. This is one of those perfumes people notice. With this Burberry fragrance, you cannot go wrong, regardless if going out on a first or job interview. It’s perfect for both night and day. And what’s most important, this Burberry fragrance is the kind of perfume you never get bored of. Very elegant and classy in true sense.

So, if you love wearing something that is spicy and woody, mush and sweet at the same time, and if you love that warm and cozy feeling, this is the right Burberry fragrance for you.