Our tips for boat care

By Steve George

November 20, 2013Services


Summer time is the perfect time to enjoy the beauty of the sea. And what are better way to do this then going on a boat trip. But to ensure safety and comfort, regular boat care and maintenance should always be a priority. Before you start searching for care products, repair shops in case of any defect and best boat storagefacility, create a checklist that will be your easy guide at all times. Include all major activities such as interior and exterior cleaning and inspecting fuel lines, engine, etc.

Wash your boat after every trip to remove salt and algae to prevent corrosion. Use special brushes and cleaning product to help you get job done faster and without damaging boat paint. Keep in mind that aquatic plants, species and mud can damage boat surface, affect its performance and increase fuel consumption. Also, make sure your boat is properly ‘parked’ and secured to avoid possible scratches and surface damage when getting in touch with marina wall.

Besides caring for outer appearance, conduct regular inspection checks. Change engine oil every 100 hours of operation or sooner if necessary. Caring for the boat engine is also of great importance. Regularly check the engine for any signs of corrosion which may lead to major repairs. Also check if the cooling system is in a good condition. It is very important to prevent the engine from overheating. Keep all electrical components on board dry to prevent corrosion and rapid deterioration.

Consider a boat cover. It will help you keep your boat clean and it will protect it from various external influences. If you want something safer, then look for best boat and caravan storage.  Boat storage facilities are perfect way for prolonging the life of your watercraft because they provide closed space which is resistant to cold weather and high temperatures. Best boat storagefacilities are also equipped with 24/7 video surveillance protecting your boat from possible vandalism or theft. Most of them also offer some maintenance services which will ensure impeccable boat care.