Our Tips for Buying Ranger Seat Covers

By Steve George

February 3, 2023Cars

Whether it’s on their way to the job site, or taking the family on holiday, Ford Ranger owners put a lot of wear and tear on their seat covers.

From suntan lotion and sweaty shirts, to power tools and pet hair, your truck’s seats and centre console can take a proper beating even during the course of ordinary use. And not stopping to scrub behind every stain and spill the moment they happen only gives them a chance to soak and grind their way permanently into your upholstery.

Seat covers can help you with your dirty dilemma; and fortunately, you don’t have to settle for ugly, universal-fitting ones that you wouldn’t otherwise hesitate to wipe your feet on. There are affordable, superior-fitting Ranger seat covers available that’ll protect your upholstery, and keep you safe while they’re doing it.

Heavy-Duty Seat Covers for Your Ford Ranger

Ford ranger canvas seat covers
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If you spend a lot of time working or playing outdoors and are heavily dependent on your Ranger to get you there, then you already know what kind of treatment your interior can get sometimes. With heavy-duty Ranger canvas seat covers and console lids though, you can protect your upholstery from the complete array of spills, grime, and even rips and tears that can instantly drag down your truck’s appeal and value.

Premium Ranger seat covers made from breathable, reinforced 16oz. canvas are the ideal solution for ordinary, as well as extraordinary usage. These tough, polycotton seat covers are made especially for tradies, hunters, and off roaders who don’t mind getting their hands dirty, and they’re packed with qualities that include:

  • High UV resistance against cracking or fading;
  • Water, stain, and mould and mildew resistance; and,
  • Flame and heat resistance from minor heat sources.

After a hard day on a muddy jobsite or a long night of hunting through a swampy marsh, these tightly woven seat covers clean up easily with a damp cloth or a good hose down, without shrinking. In fact, they’re made to withstand just about anything Australia can dish out, which makes them just the kind of seat covers that you want protecting your truck’s interior.

Custom Fits for all Standard Ranger Models

Regardless of whether your truck’s a regular or dual cab, or the type of trim package it has, you can be sure that there’s a custom fitted seat cover and console set available for all standard Ranger PJ / PK, PX, Raptor, and Wildtrak interiors, including:

  • Front bench or bucket seats, with or without headrests;
  • Rear bench seats, with or without headrests; and,
  • Front or rear centre consoles and armrest lids.

And you can take your seat cover’s customization even further by having them embroidered with names, company logos, or just about any other message you’d like displayed on your seat covers.

Extra Seat Cover Padding for Extra Comfort

Ford Ranger seat covers
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Although protecting your truck’s interior is the most likely reason you’d have for buying custom seat and console covers, it doesn’t mean that comfort has to take a back seat. The reinforced panelling found in high-quality Ranger seat covers not only offer extra strength in the hardest wearing areas, but they’re backed with a 10mm foam layer for added support and comfort.

Ultimately, all of this extra reinforcement and padding helps to create a seat cover that provides:

  • A comfortable buffer from factory seats that can become unbearably hot during summer months;
  • A significant barrier that allows cooling air to circulate between the seat and the cover; and,
  • A full, natural appearance that easily resembles a truck’s OE upholstery.

The range of canvas car seat covers Ford Ranger owners have to choose from offers all the protection and comfort a truck owner could ask for. But when these qualities still aren’t enough, seat covers can also be the perfect complement for an interior that needs making over.

Refreshing Your Interior With Seat Covers

Let’s be honest: if you’re a tradie or a contractor and your Ranger is strictly a work vehicle, there’s an excellent chance that your interior has already taken its share of bumps and bruises, including:

  • Rips and tears in the seat fabric and filling;
  • Permanent damage from stains or burns; and,
  • Severe cracking and fading from UV exposure.

Suffice it to say, an interior that qualifies as irritating to sit in or unpleasant to look at, even in a work truck, isn’t one that’s going to leave you feeling good about your craft. Instead of fuming over it or contemplating a costly reupholstery job, seat covers and console lids would be just what’s needed to make your truck look and feel like a professional work vehicle again.

Retain Your Car’s Essential Safety Features

Ford Ranger seat covers
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In spite of all the protection, comfort, and good looks that new seat covers have to offer, they still have to be safe. Seat-mounted airbags have been a standard feature on Ford Rangers since 2010, which is why you should only ever consider installing seat covers that explicitly state their compliance with Australian Design Rules (ADRs) for airbag compatibility.

High-quality Ranger seat covers use special thread and side stitching that allows them to be solidly secured to your seat, but are designed to burst when the truck’s airbags are deployed. To help ensure that they’re able to properly deploy when you need them, it’s important to always:

  • Make certain that your seat covers are refitted to the correct side of the vehicle after removal or cleaning;
  • Observe that the seat and seat cover SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) tags are always aligned; and,
  • Replace – never repair – seat covers if the side stitching becomes torn or ripped.

With these basic tips, you can be sure that you’re getting the best protection of all kinds from your seat covers.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, preserving your truck’s interior helps to keep it a place that you’re going to enjoy occupying. And while Ford Rangers are unashamedly focused on doing the tough hauling that trucks are expected to do, an inviting cabin spaces makes the hauling a lot easier.

Regardless of whether your hauling revolves around work or play, heavy duty Ranger canvas seat covers and console lids will help to keep your interior the inviting space it needs to be. And with the right selection of covers for seats, lids, and even steering wheels, you’re going to enjoy going wherever your Ranger takes you.