Our Tips For Choosing Mens Perfume

By Maria Rogerson

May 13, 2013Perfumes

We all know that fashion industry has always maintained a more close relationship with females in terms of marketing and targeting. This is no surprise considering how passionate women get when talking about the hottest trends on the fashion market. Especially when it comes to accessories such as perfumes. But in recent years it seems that not only women, but men as well have adopted a higher degree of sense for fashion. Men also follow new releases of famous mens perfume brands such as D&G, Ralph Lauren, Kenzo and other. And this is why it is hard to find a signature scent for men as well; a perfume that will make him feel comfortable and more self-confident. In order to help you decide which scent suits you best we will describe some categories of mens perfume.

Before we talk about perfume categories, we’ll give you a heads up on perfume structure and what it is made of just to be clear on the terms used in this article. You should know that every perfume has three notes made out of different oils. Base notes are the ones that last the longest on your skin. The middle notes stay second longest and top or third notes evaporate shortly after applying perfume on your skin. This means that smell of a perfume can change over time. Additionally all the notes can be made out of different elements to get the perfect smell.

There are four basic categories of mens perfume: Citrus, Aromatics, Lavender and Woodsy.


This category includes fragrances that have light and sparkling aromas usually made from fruit notes (mandarin, lemon and bergamot are classic examples). One proper representative of this category is the famous Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani.

Giorgio Armani Perfume

Citrus fragrances – “Acqa Di Gio” Giorgio Armani Perfume


This family of mens perfume is keen on producing more unique and herbal scents which lead to perfumes that are suitable for day and night. The basic notes of this perfume family are a mixture of different aromas such as sage, mint, clove, rosemary and similar. A popular sample of aromatic fragrance is the ”Let’s Move” edition by Benetton, a fragrance that is available in any perfume shop.


The Lavender family of fragrances offers scents with fresh and floral notes. Sometimes they are mixed with aromas from the woodsy family of mens perfume because of the similarity in the note structure.


Woodsy perfumes are widely popular because they usually last longer and are more dry. Sources for creating these fragrances are sandalwood, cedar and other elements of this type. A classic woodsy scent popular among male audience is Polo Black by Ralph Lauren.