Our Tips for Choosing the Ideal Laser Measuring Tools

By Maria Rogerson

November 16, 2020Industrial Equipment

When accuracy is of utmost importance in your DIY or professional project, a laser distance measuring tool is one of the most essential pieces of equipment for the job. These devices can measure the distance from one point to another with extreme precision. They do so by using a laser beam, allowing you to easily achieve measurement readings in a very short time without much effort.

Ideal Laser Measuring Tool

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If you’re looking to buy a laser distance measuring tool, you need to know about the different types available and their features. The features are what will make you choose one laser distance measurer over another, so here are the most prominent ones to narrow down your search and help you make the right choice.

Method of Measuring

Most laser distance measuring tool models operate on the time of flight principle. This involves sending a laser pulse in a narrow beam towards an object and calculating the time the beam needs to be reflected off that object and sent back to the device. With the accurate measurement of time and the speed of light taken into consideration, the distance can easily be calculated.

However, this method isn’t commonly used for measuring when super-high precision is needed, as the speed of light is incredibly high. Instead, triangulation and a variety of other measuring techniques are used for measuring distances more accurately, such as frequency modulation and phase shifting.

Design That Suits Your Needs

Besides the method, laser distance finders are categorised into three groups based on their intended use. For instance, there are models for indoor operation that can also be used for measuring short distance outdoors as well, and their range is typically between a few to about 50 meters.

Laser Tool

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Universal models can be used both outdoors and indoors, and they’re suitable for a wide range of home improvement projects. And lastly, there are measurers for field use, which are the highest quality models, capable of measuring long distances in open spaces. Naturally, these models can also be used for indoor measurements.

Field-use distance measurers need to be built to withstand the environment they’re used it, which is why many of them are more expensive, but come with water- and dust-resistance properties. These protective properties are important to ensuring your costly investment lasts for as long as possible.

Furthermore, these models come with a long battery run time and life. Professional construction and excavation workers, as well as surveyors, will be spending a lot of time in the field measuring distances, so the tool needs to be powered by reliable batteries that allow you to perform the work you need to do. That being said, you’ll want to get rechargeable batteries, a charger, and perhaps an extra battery pack, so you can still use the tool while your batteries recharge.

Construction workers, carpenters and excavation crews will wear protective goggles to protect their eyes from splinters and dust. These glasses can get dirty, and reading the measurements on the distance measurer can be difficult. Luckily, there are models with bright displays that make it easier to look at calculations and measurements without removing your safety eyewear.

At the same time, the tool should be ergonomically designed, so that you can easily carry it with you wherever you need to. Some models are compact enough to fit in your pockets. And since laser distance measurers usually feature a few buttons, you want those buttons to be large enough to click even when you’re wearing gloves. Usually, distance measurers also feature a casing with extra rubber on the sides for a better grip.

Laser Measuring Tool

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How to Use a Laser Distance Meter?

Using a distance measurer is very simple – all you have to do is point the laser on the object towards which you want the distance measured, and you’ll get an accurate representation of the distance on the LCD screen. However, nowadays, most laser distance measurers feature different units of measurement that you can switch between, including meters, centimetres, inches, decimal feet, etc.. These devices can save you a lot of time, and thus money in a wide range of applications.

That being said, a laser distance measurer can be one of the handiest tools an electrician, contractor, carpenter, passionate DIYer or handyman can have. It’s a tool that can help you work faster, smarter and easier. However, as you can see, choosing the right model for your application takes some careful consideration before you make a decision.

Accuracy is obviously important, but so is speed, convenience and ergonomics. Of course, a lot of it will also come down to your personal preferences and needs. Regardless, divulging the information in this guide will help you narrow down your choices significantly, and help you make the right one. You can find a large range of laser distance measurers online and in your local hardware stores from brands such as Fluke, Leica, Bosch, Tacklife.