Our Tips For Choosing The Ideal Outdoor Furniture Covers

When summer is over (on one is happy, we know it), it is time to get your outdoor furniture ready for the coming seasons. One of the best ways is to use outdoor furniture covers. Keeping your outdoor furniture covered when it is not in use is one of the most efficient methods to keep it in good condition and looking like new.

Outdoor furniture covers are designed to help protect your outdoor furniture from weather elements as well as from moisture, dirt and other outdoor elements it may be exposed to. And there is even custom outdoor furniture covers that you can order, which ensure a perfect fit.

outdoor furniture covers

Tips To Consider When Buying Outdoor Furniture Covers:


Outdoor furniture covers are not items to save money on. Although you may be tempted to buy less expensive designs, please do not. Inexpensive covers, regardless if they are custom made or front gate outdoor furniture covers, cannot stand up to extreme changes in temperature and/or hard use. Having to replace cheap covers every few years means that you will end up spending more money.


Cheap outdoor furniture covers are made from plastic or vinyl. While they may represent a low initial money investment, it does not mean they are the most economical choice. This is mainly because they usually last just one or two seasons. Hence, it is a better idea to select covers that are made from materials that are UV resistant, waterproof, and durable.


Good-quality covers come in a wide range of sizes and shapes to meet different needs. However the chances to find a cover with the exact dimensions as your furniture are very low. But this does not mean you should purchase the next size covers. Instead, opt for custom outdoor furniture covers. While this solution may represent a higher cost, the protection it will deliver to your furniture will be well worth since covers that don’t fit right don’t provide adequate coverage what can lead to furniture damage.

Optional Features

Outdoor furniture covers can also come with different optional features including Velcro closures, elastic hems, zips, leg ties, and even storage pockets for added value. Although these features can increase the total cost, they can represent more convenience and practicality.


Your outdoor furniture covers don’t have to be boring. There are numerous colours and patterns options that you can choose to suit your personal taste. But if what you want is something simple and practical, you can easily find covers in popular neutral colours such as tan, green and black.