Our Tips for Choosing the Right 4×4 Suspension Upgrade for Your Ride

By Steve George

January 28, 2020Cars

If you’re someone who wants to venture off the beaten trail and take on challenging terrain, your factory setup 4×4 might not be able to take on everything you throw at it with its standard height. For that reason, many off-road enthusiasts opt to get 4×4 suspension upgrades to elevate their vehicles in order to make it easier to drive through rocky and bumpy terrain. This not only improves the off-road performance and functionality of your vehicle but its appearance as well.

4wd suspension upgrades

There are many different types of 4×4 suspension kits available nowadays, so you need to make sure you pick the right one so that you don’t over-do it, otherwise, you risk making your vehicle less stable and uncomfortable to drive. So how do you pick the right 4WD suspension? Well, there are a couple of important factors you’ll need to consider.

Picking the Right Parts for Your Vehicle

Since there are various 4×4 suspension upgrades, you need to make sure you get a kit that’s suitable for your vehicle’s specific model, make and year. This not only ensures a proper fit but an easier installation and optimal performance as well. Further, you have to make sure you’re buying high-quality parts, including shocks, struts and other suspension elements. High-quality parts made by well-known manufacturers are more reliable and durable. They’re made to withstand excessive weight when towing, and they’re made to endure more wear and tear. Additionally, high-quality parts will provide a smoother and more stable ride.

4x4 suspension upgrades

Detailed and Helpful Installation Manual

While upgrading the suspension is something that most people leave at the hands of their experienced local mechanic, there are some people who prefer to do it themselves. If you’re one of them, you want to get a kit that comes with detailed, helpful instructions. Most kits include instructions, and manufacturers usually feature free online guides and videos to assist you further. Personally, I wouldn’t install the suspension kit myself, especially if you aren’t car-savvy.

Warranty and Customer Support

You want to make sure the kit you’re buying comes with a great warranty. Generally, you’ll get a better warranty and customer support from reputable manufacturers, which brings me back to my point that you should be looking for a quality 4WD suspension kit from a well-known brand. This is in order to ensure you avoid costly repairs and replacements should some of the suspension parts fail. And if you ever need help installing the kit or diagnosing a potential problem, you’ll want to have the peace of mind knowing that you have access to help in case you need it. That being said, make sure the vendor you’re buying from offers reliable customer support and employs knowledgeable and experienced staff.

4x4 suspension

Once you get the right 4×4 suspension kit, you’re going to experience a couple of benefits that will change how your vehicle performs on and off the road. The most notable difference is going to be improved clearance, which gives you a better distance between the undercarriage of your vehicle and the driving surface. This will help you to stay safe when driving over damaged streets, over obstacles such as rocks, rivers, steep hills, sand dunes, etc. Further, you get the chance to install larger wheels and get a more robust ride.

Equipping your vehicle with larger wheels isn’t just more impressive, but you also get better overall performance. Stock suspension limits you to using narrow tyres that won’t be of much help when you get stuck in snow or mud. A higher suspension enables you to install tyres that are specifically designed for off-roading and can help you get out of any difficult situation. Rutted trails and deep snow won’t be a problem once you lift your 4×4. You’ll have the freedom to switch between off-road and street tyres, with the latter offering an improved grip and being less likely to wear down when driven on paved roads.

Besides providing a better ride, large tyres simply look better. There are many fans of modified 4×4 all around the world, but Australia’s rough terrains are ideal to get the most out of them. If you want to turn heads and make your truck stand out from the crowd when you’re sitting in traffic or driving off the road, a suspension lift kit will definitely do that for you.

However, you also have to keep in mind that there can be potential negative consequences. In the case of suspension kits, the maximum safe operating angles are reduced, and road holding is impacted due to the raised centre of gravity. Additionally, some vehicles will have their warranty voided if you install on them a modified suspension. And as aforementioned, keep in mind that installing a suspension kit isn’t something you do yourself if you have little experience in the field.