Our Tips for Choosing the Right Hammer for the Job

By Steve George

September 26, 2017Industrial Equipment

There are specific types of hammers for different kinds of jobs. So if you need to buy hammers, you have to know more about these specifications. Now let’s go over those varieties.

Claw hammer – the basic, most often used hammer. This hammer has a hard surface for hitting nails and a curved back piece with a ‘V’ shaped cut-out. You can find these both a wooden and metal handle, and sometimes a rubber grip.

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Pein hammer has a few variations for more specific uses, but the main gist of it is that their back end, unlike the claw, is either ball or cross shaped. It’s primarily used by engineers to
shape metal. The handle is most commonly made from wood.

Club hammer or sometimes refereed to as lump hammer, has a big and heavy double sided head. It is mostly used for light demolition and large steel nails. Because of the force this hammer delivers, it is recommended to include using PPE for the eyes and hands. The handle is made either from wood or synthetic paste.

Sledge hammer – bigger, heavier version of the Club hammer, this is a duel hand hammer used much like an axe. As with it’s smaller relative PPE is required if used. The handle can be made from wood or metal concealed in rubber.

Joiner’s hammer is made entirely from wood, including the head of the tool. It is used by carpenters to join two wooden pieces together without causing damage to the work. They are quite light and give very weak blows.

Power hammer is the modern, technological version of hammering nails. This contraption takes the hard work out of striking a nail. It is used when there are a lot of nails to be fitted. It has two counter parts, light duty and heavy duty (used for heavier jobs such as nailing boards).

Hammer multi-tool – if you can’t decide what hammer to get. Then you can get a multi-tool that has a hammer option. These tools usually also have other needed gadgets so you get more for your price, plus they come in handy if the hammer is for house work. This tool is a Swiss knife on steroids. This one makes for a great choice not only for the indecisive, but for those who want it all in one when they buy hammers.

Always buy hammers for the job they are designed for. It will increase efficiency and help prevent damage done to both the hammer and work.