Our Tips for Creating a Modern and Luxurious Master Bedroom

By Maria Rogerson

July 21, 2022Home & Decor

Nowadays, the bedroom is no longer perceived just as a room for getting a good night’s sleep; people today also use it as their escape haven. Due to our contemporary and hectic lives, we are always running around, lacking time and often finding ourselves attending to the needs of others and neglecting ours.

People often forget to set aside some downtime or ‘me’ time, and sometimes we all need to just retreat in our safe haven and enjoy in the small luxuries that our homes provide us. So, instead of calling these adult spaces master bedrooms, I think a better and more appropriate alternative would be the ‘main bedroom suite’. You want this part of your home to be like a hotel suite and transport you to another world – a better world, one that reflects your style and personality.

So what are the core ingredients of the modern bedroom suite, and how can you make your space look more luxurious?

Modernise Your Bed with a Headboard

The best way to make your bedroom more sophisticated is to add a modern bed head. This part of your bed does not provide just comfort. With some planning and thought, it could quickly transform your bedroom style, offering the ideal blank canvas to try out new and exciting colour and pattern combinations.

modern headboards
source: pinterest.com

Think of an upholstered chic and modern bed head with a bright and decorative fabric that draws the eye to the room’s focal point, making the bed look more stylish and sophisticated. Grand, super-sized headboards have been trending for quite some time now, and their style is evolving as times change.

Nowadays, colourful matte patterns are more dominant and have replaced the glossy monotonal textures and shapes. Rectangle shapes are superseded by curves and asymmetrical pieces that look like pieces of art on their own.

Invest in Fine Bedroom Lighting

To make your bedroom more modern, make sure to have different types and levels of lighting. This layout can help you to easily switch the mood from practical and functional (ideal for getting ready for work) to romantic or relaxing before hitting the hay. This also applies when choosing lighting colours.

The lighting you choose should be low and atmospheric, but you should also be able to read. Overhead lighting might not be the best solution for a modern bedroom; try using small wall lights next to your bed to create an attractive ambience and a more functional space.

Get Creative With Wallpaper

When designing a modern bedroom, don’t just look for bedroom wallpaper ideas for the four walls. Instead, have some fun and think outside the box. Wallpaper can be used in so many different ways than you can imagine. For example, in small bedrooms, the closet can visually block a lot of space. However, if you cover the doors with the same wallpaper you used on the walls, you can make your closet visually disappear. For a seamless blend and look, match the patterns. The larger the repeat is, the easier this will be to achieve.

Choose Complementary Colour Combinations

bedroom in simple colours
source: decorilla.com

Modern bedroom colour schemes are not just about following the trends and looking to the future; sometimes, it’s easier to look to the past, especially if you’re unsure which direction to go. The colour trends of 2022 are all about nostalgic tones from the past – hues full of excitement but still somehow familiar. Your best bet is to use more simple, homely and uncomplicated colours that evoke memories.

Let Your Artwork Do the Talking

Your bedroom is probably the most intimate and private space in your home, the room where you can truly unwind and be yourself. Naturally, in this part of your home, art is essential. Adding your favourite piece of artwork can be a great starting point for creating a modern bedroom scheme. You can use it as a base to start experimenting with colours and patterns. Pick two or three that you like and take it from there.

Choose one colour as the foundation for your interior design, and then you can build your modern colour palette around it using complementary or tonal shades. Before starting this entire project, remember that you’re decorating your room for yourself, not others. So, choose patterns, colours and styles that you truly love and won’t get bored of soon.

Modern Bedroom Style Tips and Suggestions

There are so many beautiful ways to style a bedroom and make it look more modern and luxurious. Don’t forget to pay attention to your windows. Blinds and curtains are the ideal places to start adding some patterns and colours to your modern bedroom. For example, you can pair more delicately patterned floral curtains with block colours for the other soft furnishings, such as your throw cushions.

Also, who says you can’t use two types of patterned fabric for your window curtains? A larger print combined with a smaller-scale print can add more interest to your space.

Layering is another essential element to keep in mind when designing your modern bedroom. Whether it’s tonal variations of hues on different surfaces, a mix of patterns from a particular palette, or a dynamic blend of textures, the modern bedrooms of the 2020s are all about layering.