Our tips for how to sale your house

By Steve George

August 27, 2013Real Estate

The number of houses for sale in America is really big. Every person who has a house for sale in America wants to sell it fast and to make a good deal. But this does not happens easy. Before selling your house, you have to plan everything carefully, maintain, prepare and beautify your home, so the potential buyers run and “fight” for your house. Here are some tips on how to prepare your house and make it perfect and valuable.

  • Find the best estate agent

    Do a research, investigate several agents, see how they work, how they deal with a specific situation.

  • Motivate your real estate agent

    For example, if he can sell your house in one month, offer a cash bonus and commission fee.

  • Evaluate your house

    Do not price your house higher than it is. Be realistic! Many homes for sale in America are not sold because the owners put high prices on their homes.

  • Follow the house prices of Internet

    Carefully look at the prices of the other properties. If you market your house little bit more, you may lose potential customers.

  • Accept every new and innovative way of advertising and selling

    The photos for your catalogue or brochure must be good perfect and real. Never underestimate your agents ideas.

  • Sort out every document before selling

    Building permits, guarantees, insurance and every other important documents must be gathered together and wait for the right buyer.

  • Make your home perfect for the potential buyers

    For example, if your agent told you that there is an potential buyer who has a family and children, put toys around, swing in the backyard etc., and make it cozy and child friendly.

  • “Advertise” your house for sale in the newspapers

    Of course that the Internet has the major role in selling your property, but do not forget about the local newspapers.

  • Make your home irresistible

    Clean your home, throw everything old and unnecessary. Make it perfect for the potential buyer! Make your home perfect to be his new home now.