Our tips for buying property in USA

By Steve George

August 21, 2013Real Estate

It is always good to invest money to make it grow. Buying property in USA is a really great investment that one can make. This option is available to Australia’s permanent residents and citizens only. Take a look at our tips on buying property in USA from Australia:

american home

  • Never buy a property you have not seen – don’t trust the photos posted by real estate agencies. Also, phone calls and online descriptions of agents are not 100% truthful. It is recommended, if possible, to go to the USA so you can see the property and inspect it as well. This will give you a very good idea if property is worth your money.
  • Before you purchase the property, conduct a thorough research on its location, surrounding neighborhoods, weather conditions, etc. It is advisable to buy something located in a good and peaceful neighbourhoods, and near public transportation, school, hospital, etc. as such property can be rented easily.
  • Create partnerships in Australia and in the USA. Make sure your agent is managing your investment well. Hire an agent with years of experience as you’ll mostly rely on his/hers expertise when it comes to resolving or eliminating certain issues and problems.
  • Acquire legal advice about tax and other regulations concerning the property you plan to invest in as some rules are not the same in Australia and USA.
  • Find reliable, capable and honest constructors.
  • Don’t save on insurance. Insure your property through a reliable insurance company.
  • Make sure you understand well the insurance requirements for the geographical area property is located in because insurance policies vary depending on numerous factors such as weather conditions, pollution, drinking water quality, crime rate, unemployment rate, etc.
  • Avoid making big purchases.
  • Choose your tenants wisely as it is not easy to evict them even if the reason is not paying rent on time or not paying it at all.

In conclusion, regardless of whether you come from Australia, Sweden etc., if you have the money and an experienced agent, the process of buying real estate in USA is really simple.