Our Tips for Improving Your Business with a Commercial Dough Mixer

By Maria Rogerson

December 3, 2019Industrial Equipment

Running a business is hard work for everyone – the owners, the managers, the employees. The top priority for managers is to keep employees and customers happy. And the best way to that? Investing in quality equipment that will help your business be more efficient and cut down on costs. So, if you are running a bakery or a pizza place, you have probably noticed that hungry people are impatient when it comes to their food. One interesting way that you can speed up and make that process easier is by investing in some of the great commercial mixers on the market.

Kitchen with commercial mixers

But why should you invest in a commercial mixer? Well, because it can upgrade the kitchen of your restaurant in many different ways.

Speed Up Your Cooking Process

As I mentioned, hungry people want their food. And they want it as fast as possible. Customers come to your restaurant to eat, not wait around for a table or wait for an hour for their food to arrive. If they are happy with the speed of your service, they will definitely come back if they are short for time on certain occasions.

commercial mixers

So, how does a commercial mixer come into this mix? Well, for starters, the whole process of mixing the dough by hand takes too much time. Your employees can save time by using this piece of equipment and focus on preparing other meals. If you cut down the time it takes to prepare a meal on your menu then the orders will go faster and you will have a higher turnover. If one seated table finishes their meal, they are opening up a free table for customers that are waiting. So Instead of having one table seated for an hour and a half, you might be able to serve two tables in that period.

Ease Up the Workload of Your Employees

Happy employees equal a happy business. Think of how tiring mixing dough can get for them. Especially on a busy night in the middle or at the end of their shift. The more tired they get, the slower they work. Modern kitchen equipment, like commercial mixers for dough, or even pizza sheeters, can ease up their workload. And if they have less work to do, then they will complete their tasks more efficiently. They will also be able to focus more on preparing the food, so the quality of the food will also increase.

Pizza Dough

The most common reason why employees leave their job is a stressful environment and working in a kitchen during a busy weekend can be hectic. Orders coming in more frequently, mistakes being made while cooking, customers complaining… all of these factors can contribute to a stressful environment. By eliminating the laborious and time-consuming tasks your employees have to perform, you can directly affect their satisfaction with their job.

Mixing Without Making a Mess

The way dough mixers are set up is with a large enough bowl to fit the whole batter. This means that there will be no splashes all around the working area or even the walls. How many times have you had to repaint the walls due to having grease and sauces stuck on them? With mixers designed specifically for this purpose, the mess will be contained within the bowl and that makes cleaning up much easier. In the long run, you will be saving on cleaning supplies. And let’s not forget the time it takes your employees to make the kitchen spotless. Like I said, if they have to worry less about cleaning up, they will get some extra time for a break or for starting the next order.

pizza commercial mixers

Equal Dough Quality Each Time

Every baker knows the importance of mixing the dough as it will definitely have an effect on the final product. First, it helps distribute all the ingredients evenly. Mixing also develops the gluten and starts the fermentation process. So, it is obvious that a dough that is overmixed or undermixed won’t turn out to be quality bread or pizza. And depending on the toppings you add, the structure is important as well. If the final product is not made well, then the baker needs to start over, wasting resources and time. And if they don’t start over, the costumers will definitely notice the decline in quality. By constantly delivering quality products you won’t be risking losing your loyal customers as they will constantly leave your restaurant satisfied with the food they ordered. This is how commercial mixers can help your business.

Train New Employees Easier

You should definitely have a baker who knows who to mix dough by hand, there’s no question about that. However, there are some circumstances that can leave you without enough experienced staff on shift. Commercial food mixers are easy to use, so you can train every new employee how to use them easier. Before they become experienced in the art of mixing dough, a commercial mixer can help them a great deal in the meantime.