Our Tips for Introducing French Provincial Style in Your Home

By Maria Rogerson

October 25, 2018Furniture

Some of us find it difficult to cope with certain seasons of the year, or rather every other season that’s not summer, because we would love if it could be hot and sunny the whole year.

Going on holidays has proven to be a successful strategy to avoid the winter blues, but when you can’t exactly afford to travel as often, there’s another strategy that works just as fine: introducing French provincial style at home.

If you happen to be one of the summer people just mentioned, as we are, read through the post, and you can find helpful tips on how to do so.

Since furniture plays an essential part in the process, you can start from the room that gets the most traffic from both owners and guests, the living room. Great news is the range of French provincial living room furniture is wide, including tables, sideboards, armchairs and sofas, so you have plenty of options to choose from.

White French Provincial Living Room

This can also turn out to be not such great news if you don’t know how to choose, in which case it’s advisable to look for furniture pieces, regardless whether they’re made of timber, have composite or rattan components, that comply with the health, safety, and sustainable forest production management standards.

Apart from keeping the summer vibes in your home year-round, French provincial living room furniture can be repurposed further, as some pieces are perfect with other rooms equally.

Let’s take the versatile buffet and hutch as an example; you would find many ways to use it in the kitchen, dining room, or even the hallway, once you’ve grown tired of its use in the living room or are in need of a bit of change.

What’s specific about this style is of course the white colour and the mix of rustic and elegant details, so the next step following the addition of furniture would be to play with the decorative items, ensuring you use bright soothing colours.

This can be achieved with textures in the form of curtains, cushions, and rugs in pale blue, grey, or green, followed by soothing art pieces (beach inspired works too!). Glassware, books, and lanterns can also do the trick, but the key to pulling it off is not to overdo it.

Same as minimalism, the “less is more” rule works here and you would be able to make the most of the luxuriousness French provincial style brings when you stick to this.