Our Tips for Making the Most of Beauty Sleep

By Maria Rogerson

November 21, 2017Health & Beauty

You’ve probably had your share of sleepless nights, spiced with some tossing and turning. We’re part of the modern day technological era, so it’s nothing unusual. On top of that, there’s the increasing number of workaholics, so no, you’re not the only one.

Question is what are you going to do about it, to avoid such a thing from happening again, and make the most of beauty sleep? You do know the essence of a night of quality sleep, right? It’s necessary for your overall health and well-being.


Lucky for you we’re going to remind you of the importance of sleep by sharing some useful tips for you to follow, starting from the bedding. Many people focus on the mattress, and even though after getting the one satisfying their requirements, you’d still see them complain about a troublesome night. That’s because of the usual choice of synthetic, and full of toxins, bedding instead of organic. Whatever the size of your bed, single, queen, king, or super king bamboo sheets are the ideal bedding.

Bamboo isn’t only much better than synthetics, but organic cotton too. Unlike cotton, it doesn’t go through any chemicals, because it’s that much stronger in dealing with pests which doesn’t require pesticides. Along with that, queen, king, or super king bamboo sheets are much durable, easy to maintain, and have some desirable properties like hypoallergenic, and thermo-regulating that are just what the doctor ordered.

You’d be surprised at how much of a difference breathable waterproof mattress, pillow bamboo protector, and sheets, can do for your beauty sleep, so don’t wait up, and get on the quest for your bamboo bedding.

Now that we’ve had the sheets talk, it’s time for sleeping positions. While there are many of us who are thrilled at the idea of a longer life, there are few of us looking forward to ageing and wrinkles. If you want to reduce the amount of wrinkles, avoid sleeping on the sides, or belly, and opt for the back as that’s the position with no repeated skin pressure. This way you avoid puffy eyes too.

Since bedtime routines are always welcome, don’t forget to include skin cleaning and moisturising (anti-ageing cream, lashes’ conditioner, lip balm, you name it) before bed. Sleep is the process that enables the rejuvenation of the skin, and cleanliness and moisturising enhances it. Also, keep hair away from your face, preferably in a loose bun, so you keep its oils away from your skin’s complexion. Considering we also require plenty of water, which is impossible to get throughout sleep, it’s advisable to amp up on the moisturising by sleeping with a humidifier on.

Sweet dreams!