Our Tips For Ensuring Safe and Quality Welding

By Steve George

June 22, 2018Industrial Equipment

If you’re just getting started with welding, you should definitely consider buying safety equipment to protect yourself from the noxious fumes, infrared lights and molten metals that you’re about to deal with. Getting the right necessary safety equipment is just as important as getting a quality welder, as it will allow you to confidently work on your welding projects without fearing potential hazards.

saftey helmet

Safety Helmets

Shielding your face and neck should be your number one priority. With all the radiation and sparks coming from the welding area, your face will be the most exposed part of your body. You can find an affordable safety helmet online and have it shipped right at your doorstep. Nowadays, the most popular type of safety helmet you’ll come across is the auto-darkening kind. It is the most recommended one for both new and experienced welders, as you don’t have to constantly flip it up and down. Buying an auto-darkening safety helmet online is a simple and easy way to ensure that your face will be protected while performing the needed welding tasks.

Safety Gloves

Safety gloves can go a long way in helping you produce a quality weld. Your hands will be constantly exposed to intense radiation and heat, which means they will need to be extremely well protected. However, you can’t use just any type of gloves for welding, as you still need dexterity. Additionally, there isn’t a single type of welding safety gloves that is suitable for all tasks, as different types of welding methods pose different types of hazards, thus require a different level of protection.

For instance, heavy-duty MIG and stick welding gloves are specially made to protect you from spatter and heat. Furthermore, standard MIG welding gloves are made of leather and don’t offer as much insulation as heavy-duty MIG and stick welding gloves, but they offer more dexterity. TIG welding gloves combine durability and flexibility to allow more dexterity.

safety equipment

Safety Jackets

Welding jackets are among the most underrated pieces of protection equipment. For most light-duty applications, cotton jackets are great because they’re either engineered or treated with flame-resistant cloth. Leather jackets are another popular option as they offer great flame resistance and durability in medium and heavy-duty applications. The downside to leather jackets, however, is the fact that they’re pretty heavy and can quickly get hot. That being said, besides considering the type of welding being done (light or heavy duty), also worth considering is the environment in which the welding will be performed.

Safety Boots

Leather boots that comply with all the safety standards are also very important, as they protect your feet from sparks and heavy objects. Heat resistant leather spats are also worth considering, as they protect you from spatter and sparks and aren’t as expensive as boots that are made for welding specifically.