Our Tips for Finding the Ideal Womens Office Shoes That Don’t Compromise Style

By Maria Rogerson

June 26, 2018Shopping

Womens Office Shoes

Trying to mix and match the best wardrobe pieces is of utmost importance for creating an impeccable business look, and believe it or not, the choice of shoes has the power to break or make any type of outfit. However, not all shoes are designed for an everyday business look. With so many different styles, it is easy to get confused, but a list of the most popular, yet comfy womens office shoes might come in handy.

The All-Time Favourite Classic Pumps

classic pumps
Timeless and utterly appealing, whether you choose black or nude, these are simple and elegant enough to match any type of outfit without compromising your work style. The beauty trick that comes with the nude ones is that they can give the illusion of longer legs – good to know right?

Ballet Flats

ballet flats
This are another cute, yet office appropriate type of shoes that can meet almost any type of work outfit. Although flat, they are still considered as the most formal flat womens office shoes which means that you can wear them at work without worrying about not being dressed properly.

Oxfords & Loafers

oxford shoes
When you want to give your feet some rest from high heels, but you still want to look well-dressed, I suggest opting for Oxford shoes or loafers. These men-inspired shoes can perfectly complement your outfit and can give you the same amount of sophistication and polish as classic pumps.

Tip: If you think that the look created with Oxford shoes would diametrically opposed to the way you usually present yourself, make sure you get black ones cause in that colour they’ll be able to seamlessly blend with your outfits. You could also go with nude, just make sure you avoid getting ones in rich brown, cause they’ll stand out way too much.

D’Orsay Flats

d'orsay flats outfit
Another type of work appropriate flat shoes are the D’orsay shoes. Their simple, yet sleek look can help you stay comfortable and feel good in your shoes while attending some long commute or a conference.

High-Heel Sandals

high heel sandals outfit

These simple, yet elegant high-heel sandals with delicate straps can make your outfit appear more sophisticated and formal. Usually, although more on the formal side, sandals like these can bring a dose of oomph to your outfit (if you like to express yourself that way) that is discrete enough as not to compromising the working code. And just like classic pumps, they are perfect for the after-hour drinks and evening events.

Tip: Choose ones with a normal heel height, or opt for ones with a little bit of platform for extra support and comfort.