Power Up: Essential Goal Zero Products Every Outdoor Adventurer Should Own

By Steve George

April 22, 2024Camping Travel

Embarking on outdoor adventures requires more than just a spirit of exploration; it demands reliable sounders to keep devices charged, lights shining, communication lines open and tools to help you navigate the challenges of this lifestyle. Even when technology is not the main focus of outdoor activities, it has become a necessary and useful tool to enhance the experience.

Being properly equipped with all the necessary gear is crucial, and that’s where the well-designed products from Goal Zero Australia step in. What does Goal Zero do? It offers a range of items tailored to meet the needs of adventurers, regardless of the type of outdoor activity they are engaged in.

Camping Gear

Woman on camping with power
Source: gearinstitute.com

First, we have the camping gear. Goal Zero offers a variety of camping items that are going to be useful while you’re reconnecting with nature. These tools and items help you be organised, keep you safe and help you navigate around the campsite. Here are some products that are handy during camping.

Packs and Bags

Goal Zero offers durable and versatile packs and bags designed to withstand rugged outdoor conditions while providing ample storage for gear and essentials. Their backpacks feature multiple compartments so that you can keep your things organised and separate them from others. Their straps are adjustable, providing you with a custom fit and a waist strap to keep it secured to your body. Some of them are water-resistant allowing you to wear them even when it’s raining. These bags are great for any type of outdoor trip, giving you both convenience and comfort during those trips.


Illumination is essential when camping, especially during the night. Goal Zero’s range of lighting solutions includes portable lanterns, headlights, torches, glow sticks and even gas mantles. This wide selection lets you choose which one works best for you and will allow you to have a safe and enlighted trip and accompany you during your exploration.


Staying hydrated is paramount for outdoor enthusiasts and carrying any sort of water bottle is crucial. Goal Zero Australia offers different kinds of solutions for hydration. From water bottles with built-in filtration systems to portable water filters, water bladders, cans and even caravan filters ensuring access to clean drinking water even in very remote locations. This selection of tools and items allows you to be prepared for any kind of trip so that you can stay hydrated throughout the adventure.

Knives and Axes

When you’re out in nature, you’re gonna need something to cut things with. Whether you need something to cut food with, or even wood to prepare a campfire you need to be fully prepared. This brand offers high-quality knives and axes crafted from durable materials, designed for comfortable handling and precise performance in challenging environments.

Power Gear

Being connected to the rest of the world during these trips might be important for many reasons. First of all, you need to be able to call for help during any type of emergency. Second of all if you’re on an extended trip, you’re going to need to power some of the appliances with you such as a portable fridge, charge your devices, etc.

Solar Panels

One of the ways you can power things up is with solar panels. These panels provide a sustainable energy source for charging electronic devices on the go. Whether backpacking or camping, these portable solar panels offer convenient access to renewable energy, reducing the reliance on traditional power success. However, it’s crucial not to rely completely on solar panels, especially if you’re travelling to a place with limited sunlight.

Battery Chargers

Goal Zero battery charger
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Another way for you to keep your appliances powered is through battery chargers. Goal Zero offers battery charges that come in various sizes and capacities to meet the diverse needs of adventurers. From USB chargers for smartphones to battery chargers for rechargeable AAs and other types of batteries, there’s a solution for every device.

Safety Gear

When you’re in the great outdoors you need to be prepared for any type of emergency, because things can get unpredictable no matter how experienced you are. Being prepared includes having multiple items and tools to be able to protect yourself. Aside from the most important things like communication devices such as phones and radios, other tools would be quite helpful. Depending on when you’re camping, you should be prepared for either a fire or even a flood.

Make sure to bring safety kits that are equipped with different sorts of items, such as sanitisers, gloves, surgical masks and even first aid kits that have painkillers, gauze and other items. Bring with you survival kits that have food, blankets, heaters and other emergency items.

You can also take bushfire and evacuation kits that can be useful during those hot summer days and fire blankets in case of a fire. Being prepared is essential, so when it comes to these kits, they aren’t optional, on the contrary, they are one of the first things you need to check before you leave.

Investing in quality gear is important for a successful and safe outdoor adventure and Goal Zero offers a range of products designed to enhance comfort, convenience and safety in the wilderness. From camping to safety gear, this brand makes sure that you can make the most of your outdoor experience.