Our Tips for Setting Up a Wedding Decorating Business

By Maria Rogerson

October 8, 2019Kitchenware

In the world of today where you can have same-day delivery for life’s essentials, buying wedding decor online is becoming more and more popular. And while some brides prefer sticking with in-person browsing, the more modern ones are tackling to-do lists with ease thanks to great range of online stores which specifically focus on wedding day essentials. If your wish is jumping on the wedding decoring store bandwagon, there are a couple of things you should know first. After all, you want to make sure the business you launch is successful and a real haven for beautiful and stylish items every bride-to-be is certain to love.

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Gain Experience

Learning the ropes as an on-site coordinator while being employed by someone else can be a great way to get started in the wedding industry. Of course, you can also jump in with both feet and start your own business, however, you would understand the whole scheme and background of the job if you gained some experience working as an on-site event coordinator for a catering company or a reception venue.

Create a Company Image That Reflects Your Style

Wedding planning is all about style. So, naturally, the style that you choose for your decorating business is what you’ll be most recognized for. The brides that will choose you to plan and decorate the venues on the much anticipated day of their dreams are trusting your sense of style, your eye for detail, and your ideas to make their weddings beautiful. Therefore, your company image – starting from your business name to your logo and the colors and fonts you’ll use in your marketing campaign need to demonstrate great style and attention to detail. If you are not very tech-savvy, maybe you can hire someone who can help you bring your image to life at an affordable cost. You will also need a smartly designed website to start out as well as some great-looking business cards. Prints and brochures can come later.

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What to Buy

To kickstart your business operations the right way without any hindrance in your line of work, it is important that you buy all the decorative items you will need upfront. For instance, buying wholesale glass jars, wedding signs and chalkboards, wedding banners and bunting, cake toppers, seating decor, table numbers and similar is a great starting point. These small things are usually of smaller value and they can be easily purchased online, whereas the ones that have a high value can be rented. This way, your investment will be saved to some extent if the more expensive things you use in your venues are hired.

How often you use a particular item will also help determine whether you should buy it or rent it. For instance, buying wholesale glass jars is always a great idea as these pieces of wedding decor can be used in various ways. Glass jars make for lovely centerpieces on their own, grouped together, or paired with other decorative items. You can find some pretty unique handmade designs of wholesale glass jars on the market that are crafted with simplicity and sophistication in mind for the ultimate impression.

When using wholesale glass jars as centerpieces, you can fill them up with fresh flowers to use them as a vase, you can wrap ribbons, lace, or twine around them to dress them up to match the style of the entire wedding decor. Generally, the details you use and the choice of centerpieces are highly unique depending on each setup. Basic items such as pins, screens, ladders, decor lights and tools for setting are all pretty much standard for all event decoration businesses. However, depending on the style of your decorations as well as on the customer’s expectations, few products might change.

wholesale glass jars

Maintain the Decorative Items You Buy

Another important thing that you should not disregard is keeping the items you buy for your wedding decorating business clean and in good shape. Regardless of how many times you have used those products, the quality of the service you provide your customers should not decline. As a matter of fact, it should become much better as time goes by and your brand becomes stronger. To make sure that you maintain an optimal standard, you should take efforts to retain the newness of the decorative items that you invest in as well as preserve the ones you rent in the condition that you got them in, if possible. And if you realize that you have stopped using certain items in your decor, your best bet is to get rid of them and declutter your space if you don’t plan on using them in the future either. This will eliminate your holding costs, therefore, it will also reduce your expenses.