Our Tips For Skateboarder Style: Skate Clothing Australia

By Maria Rogerson

February 5, 2016Clothes

There is no denying that skate clothing Australia wide is nowadays becoming more and more popular. It is one of Australia’s youths favourite hobbies, therefore, rising up to the challenge to look as a skater that can tackle any trick and street has also become a part of the deal over recent years.

Even young people that are not keen on skating actually, have confessed to feel a growing admiration for the style itself. Either way, we have a few simple steps you can follow if you want to steal the style or simply feel more comfortable while skating.

skate clothing australia

However, do keep in mind that even within a style there lie different types of styles, and you should always try to wear something that reflects your own personality as well. In addition, we’ll go over some basic tips to really recreate that skateboarder style as it is:

  • Comfort

Our first tip is to choose skater style clothing that can provide you with comfort. The reason you want your clothes to be comfortable above all else is to give you that ease to perform tricks. You also want clothes that you don’t mind getting worn out. If you are planning to skate or want to learn to skate, you will have to get used to the thought that your clothes might get torn or faded from falling over. This does not mean that your clothes have to be loose, however, when you choose tighter clothing, make sure that you can still move freely in them.

  • Shoes

Your shoes are important, you want to be wearing flexible shoes with flat soles that have great grip. You have probably seen this kind of shoes on most skaters and they usually look a little worse for wear. If you are someone who plans on skating, then you will see this happen to your shoes in no time! However, you needn’t worry about that too much – having beaten up shoes means you earned it!

  • Brands

You should get to know the classic skater brands since knowing these brands will give you extra credit on the skate scene. Over time, you will learn which brands you like and which ones you don’t. You don’t have to include these brands in all your outfits, but most skaters choose them as they manufacture clothes that are made just for skating. Some of our top choices are Vans, Huf X Thrasher, Levi’s, Only NY, Volcom and Element. If you are not sure about which brands to look at these are a great place to start.

  • Casual

Keep it casual and don’t fret too much over your appearance. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on clothing and accessories to look the part. A t-shirt and jeans will look just as good as anything else. The skater is a well chosen mix of both stylish and casual with a good balance of casual clothing and skating brand gear. If you over do it, you could come off looking like a poser and nobody wants that.

If you are someone who really loves to skate, you should invest in creating your skateboard dream first, then you can be free to spend money on the look. Invest time in your skating so you can get good and the rest will follow. Having skater friends is also a way to keep yourself inspired in becoming a better skater yourself. You can find skateboards and skate clothing Australia wide in many skate stores or online. Shopping skateboards and clothing online is a great way to browse, compare prices, discover new brands, and easily get everything you need shipped straight to your door.