Our tips for successful business

By Steve George

June 18, 2013Couriers


There are moments in your life when you feel that you’ve worked too many years for the same company and reach the point where it is vital to decide whether you ready to take a risk and start your own company or be someone’s employee for the rest of your life. Everyone wants to be a business owner, but few have the guts to make those first steps and start planning. When you consider potential competition, it is evident that there are many barriers to entry and it will be hard to enter markets. What most business owners forget is that all businesses have started from scratch and have made a name for themselves with great help of well designed marketing campaigns. As marketing has expanded methods and knowledge over past years, some techniques have remained successful even today. Such is direct mail marketing or bulk mail services. Opposite of e-mail, bulk mail is something like spam, but with much better results and targeted information.

Bulk mail services were among the first direct methods of communication with customers. And quite successful if I may add. The process consists of buying out mailing lists from mail houses (of targeted customers) and creating customized promotional messages with hope that these will trigger the need for buying some of the company’s products. Lists from mail houses are in fact the turning point that makes this method far more effective compared to its online form – email. Mail houses are a trustworthy source for this kind of information. Otherwise they wouldn’t be used for public services. On the other hand, email spamming is based on mailing lists sold online from many different sites. There are so many of these sites that you have to try several in order to see which one can provide quality information. If you fail to find good mailing lists, your whole marketing campaign will automatically fail to reach your target customers.

Direct mail services come at a cost. But this cost can be much lower if you calculate what it takes to prepare and send all that mail by hand. Mail houses offer bulk mailing services on different volumes at reasonable price. This includes the whole package of finishing services, promotional product packing, shrink wrapping, boxing etc. Bulk service suits most large companies which are not afraid to pay for a good marketing campaign. Because at the end it will pay off by obtaining a solid customer base you can work with.

Despite the fact that mailing services of this type offer success, this is just one segment of a marketing campaign. It is important for this technique to fit in the general marketing strategy of your company in terms of costs and flexibility. It is up to your staff to determine or outsource these activities for fulfilling your goals.