Our Tips On How To Reduce Business Expenses

By Steve George

December 3, 2013Couriers


Today’s turbulent global economy forces small businesses and large corporations to look for ways to reduce their monthly expenses. Take a look at our tips that can help every small business lower monthly expenses.

  • Reduce phone expenses by cutting the unnecessary phone calls or even disconnecting your landline phones. Get a business wireless plan that will offer you flexibility and fit your new budget.

  • Reuse office supplies such as folders, binders, staplers, paper clips, paper trays, etc. and save on this monthly expense.

  • Sell old office electronics on eBay. It is a better option than throwing them away or simply keeping them.

  • Reduce your travel costs. If possible, organize Skype video meeting with each of your clients, suppliers and business associates. Skype even allows you to make a video conference call. Also, use e-mail and phone to communicate with your clients. This will significantly lower your traveling cost.

  • Print documents only when necessary. Whenever possible, use emails. Also, if possible, print on both sides of paper and save on copying supplies.

  • Try to use the sunlight and low energy consuming devices as much as you can in order to save money. Avoid turning on office lights during the day and save on your monthly electricity bill.

  • Outsource certain tasks. For example, growing number of small businesses outsource finishing and mailing services to 3PL companies or professional mailing houses which specialize in all kinds of professional mailing services. These companies have the equipment, staff and experience to match any task. Why employee new people and increase your monthly expenses when you can hire professionals and have such task completed in time and for a low price. Look for a company that offers professional finishing services┬álike folding, enveloping, shrink wrapping, contract packing, plastic wrapping, that can meet all your requirements and increase your business profitability.

  • If possible, purchase second hand equipment. Second-hand chairs, tables, kitchen cabinets, computers, office supplies and other similar items will significantly minimizes your expenses.