Our Tips on Choosing a Luxury Bed for Your Dog

By Maria Rogerson

January 16, 2020Pets

Ahh, the thought of a nice, refreshing nap… just imagining it energises me! Well, same as us, our dogs need their daily rest, recovering the energy they lost chasing birds, cats, balls, branches, you name it.

Of course, the hours of needed rest depend on a dog’s age much as in the case with people, so while the average dog requires 12 to 14 hours of sleep per day, puppies might require up to 18 or 20.

The same goes for older dogs that don’t have that much energy to waste like they used to, as well as some breeds, particularly the big ones like St. Bernards. Oh yes, you read that right, it’s not just cats who are known for their looong naps. Having this in mind, the least you can do is take Fido’s bed into account, the very ingredient sweet dreams are made of.

luxury dog beds australia
Source www.snooza.com.au

Luckily, there’s no lack of luxury dog beds Australia pet shops offer, including Australian made beds your canine would end up loving. Yes, dogs appreciate comfort as much as we do, so why not treat them to a super-comfy upholstered bed with orthopaedic support in the form of specially designed cushions.

I know, I know, some owners would much rather prefer sharing their bed with the pet simply because they’re truly the greatest companions, they keep you safe and improve your sleep, however, you have to draw the line somewhere no matter how much you love them since letting them sleep in your own bed means exposing yourself to sleep disruptions, or worse, parasites and diseases like the bubonic plague (yikes!).

This doesn’t mean you should entirely banish them from the bedroom, just let them have their separate space. Now that this is settled, I’m going to share some tips on how to pick the right bed for your pal, more so knowing there’s a vast variety of options, from the different shapes, colours and designs to the versatile materials.

Size is important!

Just because there’s a wide array of choices doesn’t mean each and every luxury dog beds Australia has fallen in love with was made for your pet, especially when you think about it size-wise. For example, with smaller dogs even getting a bigger bed isn’t that much of a problem which isn’t to say about a large breed where large dog bed is the only choice.

In other words, same as when you choose a mattress for you, your dog needs something that’s the right fit, neither too big nor too small, the perfect size for the perfect naps, so when deciding to purchase, don’t forget to check the size first and foremost.

And so is the dog’s age!

Yes, your dog’s age might be of help in narrowing down your choices. For instance, puppies could find it difficult to get in and out of the bed if it’s too tall and wide, whereas with older dogs it could be the same in case they’re dealing with some aches and pains, like those of arthritis.

In addition, you might also want to consider cushioning that can help with easing off the pressure points as well as provide warmth (great for dogs who could use a little help in maintaining the heat), as is the case with ergonomic luxury dog beds Australia vets recommend. If your dog prefers the cooler spots at home, then you might want to leave out the cushions.

Come to think of it, so are the materials!

Source: www.snooza.com.au/

Other than the comfort, the materials dog beds are made of having a say in hygiene, or rather how easy it is to maintain hygiene, as well as how friendly they are to your doggo and the environment. In this aspect, you might want to get beds that are machine washable, both the covers and the inner fill, and it’s advisable to look for details like pet and planet friendly to guarantee your dog’s safety and well-being are taken care of.

Dealing with a dog that doesn’t know how to hold it in? This can be both a pupper and a doggo, and while with the first you might use some more potty training, with the latter nothing much can be helped if it’s to do with old age, in which case it’s best to get a water-resistant bed as it provides utmost protection.

If you intend to use the bed both indoors and out, then you might want to get a more resistant bed instead that can withstand the outdoor elements. Such properties come in handy when planning on taking the bed on trips also.

Furthermore, great news is even with a pet with behavioural problems in the likes of chewing, you can still buy the perfect bed knowing there’s a tough alternative especially designed for this purpose. This being said, you ought to include your dog’s sleeping habits and behaviour into the decision-making too.

Final word!

When in doubt, or should I say when you like more than one why not get two pet beds – this way you’d have a bed for two rooms, a quiet one and a noisy one so your dog can choose whether it wants to get a quiet snooze or take a nap in the company of the whole family. And last but not least, consider the price!