Our Tips On DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

By Maria Rogerson

May 8, 2013Gifts

mothers day gifts

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and how will you tank your mom this year? How will you show your appreciation for her many acts of kindness and her help when you needed it? A single ‘thank you’ is just not enough. You need to reward her kindness and unselfish love in a special and unique way. But how? You have already given her that cliche mothers day gift of flowers and chocolates (many years in a row). You need something a bit more creative; something that will impress her. Why not a simple DIY? Prepare yourself for this year’s Mother’s Day and make sure you score with few simple projects on mothers day gifts we have singled out that you can easily carry out with things you probably already have at home. You’ll be surprised how much you can accomplish with little imagination and some hard work.

diy mothers day gifts

Old Is New – Jewelry is an integral part of every woman’s dressing code. We have so many, yet never enough and always more can be added to our jewelry box. Thus, how about giving her old pieces of jewelry a new modern look. Give an instant new look to an old bracelets with few flowers epoxied onto it. Or you can make her a new pair of earrings from an old necklace, once her favorite. Take advantage of an old piece of clothing and turn it into a new, chic accessory. Make her a spring scarf from a forgotten-all-about-it dress she wore to your school plays. Aren’t these marvelous mothers day gift ideas? Your mom will love this idea of new infused with old loving memories.

Say ‘Thank You’ With A Bottle – We are all vulnerable to message-in-a-bottle gifts and why not surprise your mom with one. This is an easy DIY. All you’ll need is a small bottle, fun pattern papers and twine. Cut strips of paper, hand write or type messages, roll up notes and secure them with twine. Place them in a bottle and gift-wrap it in a nice gift box that you made on your own as well. Your mom will be truly touched with this easy project rather then with one of over-marketed online mothers day gifts.

It’s a Tie – Ask your dad for old ties that he no longer wears and surprise your mom with a creative, beautiful and useful gift. You can sew a nice decorative pillow or even a small beach bag or make her an eyeglass case.

If you are not a DIY person or simply have no time for home projects, then get her something different, interesting and unique. Visit all shops and boutiques or browse for mothers day gifts online, but make sure this year you give her something more original than flowers.