Our Tips On How To Buy Childrens Swimwear Online

By Maria Rogerson

May 5, 2014Clothes Shopping


Looking to buy childrens swimwear for the next season? If so, have a look at our simple guide that will provide you with some useful tips about how to choose and buy childrens swimwear online. When looking to buy childrens swimwear online for this or the next season, it is important to get the right fit. Do a little research, get a tape measure and find the perfect swimsuit for your children.

The Right Fit

Even tough a swimsuit should perfectly fit your child, it is best not to be too tight. A swimsuit that is too tight can cause serious skin irritations, and too loose swimwear on the other hand can fall down and make your kid feel uncomfortable. So, when choosing childrens swimwear online, make sure you choose the right size. You should also consider the material. It should be made from flat and smooth material. When choosing childrens swimwear online, also consider the leg holes and waistbands.

Buy One Size Larger

One useful tip when looking to buy childrens swimwear online, is to buy a swimsuit that is one size larger from your child’s clothing size.

Size By Height

Generally, it is much easier to find a proper swimsuit size for your children by taking into account their height. That is why we have prepared a list of sizes beginning with toddlers, corresponding to the height range. Keep in mind that this is just a general guideline because sizes can vary by brand and style.

  • 2T – 83 – 89cm
  • 3T – 89 – 94cm
  • 4T – 96 – 101cm
  • 5 – 107cm
  • 6 – 114cm
  • 7 – 124cm
  • 8 – 132cm
  • 10 – 140cm
  • 12 – 147cm
  • 14 – 152cm

Online Size Charts

Every online store offers a list of links to childrens swimwear online size chart. You just need to choose the most reliable website, go over their size chart and buy childrens swimwear online.

For a successful online shopping, you need to choose the retailer carefully because not every online store is good and not every store offers high quality swimsuits. So when looking for a swimwear or any other type of clothing for your kids, look for a reputable company that offers only high quality clothing pieces.