Our Tips On How To Buy Vinyl Flooring Online

By Steve George

July 4, 2014Home & Decor

Before making a final decision to buy vinyl flooring online, you need to closely consider few things, such as where the flooring will be installed and how much sunlight, traffic and wear it will get. The vinyl can completely imitate the real wood tiles, both in terms of quality and look. This flooring option is durable, water resistant, easy for maintenance and is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.

There is a wide range of vinyl flooring designs, including wood styles, geometric patterns, subtle plains and many other patterns and shapes. The vinyl flooring is perfect if you like the appearance of ceramic tiles, but want something that is much warmer under the feet. Before you buy vinyl flooring online, there are few things you should carefully think about.

Buy Vinyl Flooring Online

Thickness – Thick flooring material is not what you need to look for. You want a thick wear layer. That is the top layer of the flooring and the one that counts. It is the layer that shows how good your flooring will stand up to traffic, gouges, wear, etc. Before deciding to buy vinyl flooring online, talk to the retailer about what is best for you.

Quality – Select the right vinyl flooring option for your home. Ask the retailer to explain the warranty and the characteristics of the flooring you are interested in. You need to understand that premium products also tend to have premium warranties. Having a good warranty is the best stress reliever.

Seams – Vinyl sheets are manufactured in different widths, so depending on the size of your room, seaming may be necessary. Ask your retailer to explain where the seams will be when your new vinyl floor is laid down. There are some floor patterns that can hide seams better than others. For example, tile patterns with grout lines mask seams perfectly and beautifully. In laundry rooms and bathrooms, you may need to replace the heavy coverings where the flooring touches the walls. You certainly do not want water seeping under your new vinyl flooring.

Cost – Before you buy vinyl flooring online, ask the retailer to calculate the complete cost. Here is what can be included in the total cost of the vinyl:

  • Furniture removal – some installers or retailers may charge to remove your furniture.
  • Disposal/demolition of old floor – unless your home is not brand new, there is an old flooring that needs to be removed and disposed of properly.
  • Sub-floor preparation – depending on the condition, your sub-floor may need to be prepped for installing the vinyl floor.
  • Product delivery – the delivery may not be included in the price.
  • Installation – probably there will be be a ‘cost per square meter’ to install new flooring.
  • Material needed to complete the installation – materials like moisture barriers, adhesives, baseboards and stairnosings may be required to install your new vinyl flooring.
  • Financing – Many retailers offer financing options as a way of payment. If you use financing options don’t forget to check the minimum payment, the interest rate and the finance charges.