Our Tips On How To Extend The Life Of Your Vehicle

By Steve George

September 17, 2013Cars


When it comes to car maintenance, car owners are mostly focused on the mechanics of a car and give their best at caring for the engine and other components important for car’s impeccable performance. And while replacing the engine oil and other fluids, filters, brake pads, keeping tires properly inflated, etc. is extremely important, taking care of car’s interior is as important. And taking into consideration that most people spend significant amount of time in their cars, interior can easily and quickly get dirty. Taking care of your vehicle’s interior will not only contribute to overall comfort, but it will also maintain its value. And you can easily do it on your own without spending lots of money on professional services. Although, detailed cleaning once or twice a year is recommended as automotive service shops have the needed equipment and detergents to clean hard-to-reach corners and stubborn stains. But, here are few of our tips on how to maintain the interior of your vehicle by yourself.


Prevent Clutter – To keep the interior of your car inviting, it is important to clean regularly. Pick up any garbage at the end of the day as it will help you prevent clutter and various odors that may be hard to get rid of later. This is especially important if you have kids and/or pets. Regular care will save you time and money.

Vacuum Regularly – It is recommended to vacuum the inside of the car at least once a week. Make sure you shake out floor mats first and then vacuum carpet and seats. With smaller vacuum attachments try to clean out the dust from hard-to-reach corners. Regular vacuuming is a must if you drive kids to school every day or own a pet.


Take Care Of Your Upholstery – Car’s upholstery is the toughest part to clean when it comes to maintaining interior. It is prone to stubborn stains and is directly exposed to dirt particles, seat, cold and heat. Depending on whether you gave leather or fabric upholstery, your care routine will vary. Leather is easier to maintain as spills can easily be wiped with a clean cloth. If your upholstery is not made out of leather, to easily maintain upholstery it is recommended to use quality car seat covers. They are durable, versatile and very easy to clean.

Spot Clean – To avoid costly detailing, spot clean whenever needed. Try not to leave coffee spills, chocolate smudges, etc. for weekend cleaning. It is good to always have wipes or some cleaning solution in the car in order to prevent spills from turning into stubborn stains. This will also help you better maintain car’s interior and its value.