Our Tips on Maintaining Hair Extensions

By Maria Rogerson

April 24, 2013Hair care

Our Tips on Maintaining Hair ExtensionsYou nearly drained your savings account on volumizing shampoos and customized salon treatments in hope of annihilating dullness from your hair and nothing. And what about the many DIY beauty projects undertaken in your kitchen that did little to rejuvenate your hair? But diligence equals success and you have surely succeeded. You’ve finally found that superstar ingredient in your beauty products – remy hair extensions.

But be careful. Just because hair extensions are not your real hair does not mean they will take care of themselves and be perfect-looking always. It is of extreme importance to properly maintain your remy hair extensions in order to have them last longer and have them looking impeccable. Read on for few of our tips on how to maintain your hair extensions.

Follow Stylist’s Order – Do not shampoo your hair for the first two days after getting your hair extension. Every stylist will recommend this regardless of which hairdressers Melbourne salon you go to. This is crucial since extensions need time to settle and shampooing right after the treatment will most likely cause for them to slide out. Also, use products recommended by your stylist.

Be Gentle – Hair extensions, regardless of their quality, are easy to damage, thus be gentle. When choosing hair products, go with the ones that are not as strong and are more natural. This is especially true for shampoos, thus avoid the ones that fight dandruff. Also, do not wash more than twice a week and when you do, make sure you wash it from top down and not vice versa. 

Get your Beauty Sleep – Sleeping with wet hair is a definite no. However, do not exercise your biceps by rigorous towel drying. This will damage not only your remy hair extensions but your natural hair as well. Instead, wrap your hair in a towel for few minutes and then let it loose so it can dry naturally. If, however, you are in a rush and must use a blow dryer, make sure you use low or medium heat. Also, when sleeping, always braid your hair into a loose braid or a pony tail to avoid tangling.

Brush Away Tangles – Brush your hair at least twice a day and use a brush specifically designed for hair extensions. If you do not have one, you can get it at any beauty store or from any hairdressers Melbourne that specialize in hair extensions. Use soft and gentle brush strokes and brush one section at a time. This will take care of any tangling that might occur.

And there you are. Follow this tips and you’ll have no problems with your hair extensions nor damaged hair. Well groomed hair is a plus to your overall appearance, thus take care of your extensions and always look amazing.