Our Tips To Avoid Buying Fake Perfume

By Maria Rogerson

May 9, 2013Perfumes

Online shopping seems to have progressed significantly in the past decade becoming inevitable part in almost every industry. But still, major obstacle in greater development of internet shopping are safety risks and fear of fraud. Not all products are endangered by this issue, but some have severe problems as many fake copies of brand products emerge and cause companies to loose lots of loyal customers. One particular case is when you are buying perfume online. The problem with fake perfumes has been around for a long time, but recently it has become even bigger with online shopping. Furthermore, if customers were able to spot fake perfumes in stores and supermarkets, with online shopping it has become a lot harder. Here, we’ll try to outline few tips on how to spot fake perfume on and off-line.


The price is the first indicator you should consider. When you buy a perfume it is common that you’d look for discounts and low prices. Sometimes a price can be very low that you’ll not even blink before buying it and later realize it is not the ”real deal”. Make sure that you know what you are looking for and make an online price comparison before making your purchase.


Have in mind that there are many online users who claim to be official resellers for certain brand perfumes when in reality they’re just looking for a way to make quick cash. Also, many online sellers pretend they got a perfume as a gift, but do not like it and are selling it for a symbolic price just to get rid of them. Avoid buying from them – they’re fraud.

Another way to spot fake perfumes is to examine the packaging. When you buy perfume from a renown brand you notice how cellophane wrap is applied very tight around the box. Any mistakes you notices on the wrapping indicate that the sample you are holding is probably fake. Also with smart phone technology everyone has access to bar-code scanner applications that you can use to read the bar code of the product and determine if its an original item. Also, sellers of fake perfumes almost always misspell the brand name in order to avoid copyright lawsuits. So make sure you doable check the name before you buy perfume that you like.

In conclusion spotting a fake perfume is not that hard. You just need to pay close attention to the details of the bottle and packaging. And if you have worn the perfume before, you are most likely to spot its originality by smelling its scent.