Our Tips To Surprise Dad on Father’s Day

By Maria Rogerson

May 29, 2013Gifts

fathers day present ideasFather’s Day is a very special day for both fathers and kids! This a day when you can thank your dad for everything he has done for you and your whole family. So, show him how thankful you are by giving him the best fathers day gifts or preparing him a unique surprise. If you are wondering how to surprise your father and what present to buy, take a look at our tips and ideal fathers day present ideas.

  • Give him a special father’s day present

    Give your father special fathers day present that he least expects to get. For example, if he likes sports, buy him a ticket to his favorite team’s game. Or if he likes modern technology and if you are financially able, buy him the newest smart phone. If you can’t buy something that expensive, get him a new camera, mouse pad, iPod case etc.

  • Surprise Father’s Day party

    Throw him a surprise party together with your closest family members. Send the invitations 2 weeks in advance with time and location of the party and make sure they all arrive at least 20-30 minutes before your Dad. Decorate the place with balloons, cards, stickers and big Happy Father’s Day banner and arrange food and drinks. Hide together with your guests and yell “Surprise” when your dad enters the room.

  • Make him a photo album.

    Put pictures of you and your Dad in nice leather photo album. Remind him of all the good times spent together (not that he doesn’t remember).

  • Surprise him with his favorite meal

    This day is a perfect opportunity to show your culinary skills. Surprise your dad with yummy breakfast in bed. After that, make your dad lunch; bake his favorite chocolate cookies and get his favorite drinks. To surprise him even more, prepare his favorite meal for dinner.

No matter what you give him, what counts is the fact that you have remembered to make this day very special for him. He’ll appreciate it. Have a great time and Happy Farther’s Day!