Pizza Time! Tips for Opening a Pizzeria

By Maria Rogerson

September 4, 2018Industrial Equipment


Who doesn’t love pizza? It happens to be most people’s comfort food and not only can it be the nutrition for your body and soul, it can be your source of income too. While most people wish to be their own bosses, they don’t consider the pizzeria as much out of fear it wouldn’t work.

If you want it to work all you have to do is prepare the right strategy, find the location (where pizzerias are scarce), and invest in adequate equipment. Don’t be fooled by the healthy eating trends; despite the popularity, people still want to treat their palate to savoury pizza.

As it’s said, time is money, so when it comes to making it in the pizza-making business, it’s all about efficiency, more so when you offer deliveries as well, so the first tip is to invest in planetary mixers.

Don’t worry about the costs, these mixers are both cost-efficient and time-saving, and provide you with a wide range of uses, from dough, to creams and sauces meaning whatever your need you can count on latest technology to do the job for you.


If you want to ensure you buy quality, it’s good to see whether the planetary mixers are backed by warranty, including whether there are useful features like safety guard, bowl locking mechanism, more speeds, and the health and safety standards conformation.

The second tip is about the menu. Wanting to have more clients means you would have to be as creative as you can with the menu and include as many different types of pizza as possible. Moreover, know your pizza. What this means is to be aware of how the dough should be made, the size and thickness.

Then again at the same time it refers to the types of pizza itself, whether it’s traditional, special, or entirely your creation. Where there’s pizza, there’s also the ideal drink, so don’t forget to make sodas, juices, and water part of the menu too. If you decide to enlarge the business, the addition of pasta and dessert is highly recommended.

Great pizza depends on the ingredients which makes the choice of ingredients essential. Fresh, organic produce might be more expensive but the enhanced taste would surely pay off when people start queuing to get a bite of your organic pizzas.

Lastly, what would pizza be without the suitable oven? It’s important to do thorough research as to which type of oven is the best for a specific type of pizza and the space available in your pizzeria, since there are many options: convection, conveyor, impinger, deck and the good old brick oven.