Reasons to Send Edible Gifts to Your Loved Ones

By Maria Rogerson

January 25, 2022Love & Relationships

It’s not always easy to choose a gift that will delight and surprise your giftee. Steering clear of clichés and finding a present that leaves a lasting impression is easier said than done. Or is it? Foodie or not, edible gifts are perfect for anyone on your list.

Edible gifts like chocolate hampers made a boom a decade ago. But now with the covid-19 pandemic, they’ve made a huge comeback. After all, what could be better than a delicious gift you can get delivered to someone’s front door?

A Plethora of Options

different types of chocolates

You can find all sorts of edible gifts to send. Chocolate in the shape of a luxurious bouquet? Sure. A bucket filled with chocolate goodies? You have that as well. Or maybe you prefer hampers? Then hamper it is. Deciding to go for an edible gift is an easy thing to do. The hard thing is making a decision about which of the tasty gifts is the one.

What is a good edible gift? Let’s start with chocolate bouquets. They consist of many small chocolates nicely wrapped as flowers. It looks like a real bouquet with the sole difference that your giftee can eat this one. You can choose the size and the colour of the bouquet on your own. You can go for a red bouquet or a rainbow one. If you want something a bit different you won’t make a bad choice by choosing a bucket chocolate arrangement. Some even come with a bottle of wine or champagne included which makes everything even more special.

You can also choose edible gifts to send that consist of plant-based treats like orange chocolate truffles, chocolate meringues, salted caramel mallows, coconut and cocoa popcorn as well as plant-based dark chocolate. These are perfect for your health-conscious or vegan friends.

If you want something a bit more luxurious go for a hamper consisting of almonds, chocolate biscuits, honeycomb bars, caramel and Belgian chocolate popcorn and a bottle of Moet. The delicious chocolate along with the exquisite bottle of champagne makes for an irresistible hamper and an amazing gift. Then again, to keep things simple, pick a bottle of Pinot Noir along with Lindor chocolate balls. Nothing can beat the combination of quality chocolate and quality red wine.

No One Can Say No to Delicious Food

little boy eating edible gift sent

Why are edible arrangements a good idea? Because hardly any person can refuse tasty food. Especially when the tasty food comes in the form of chocolate bars and chocolate delicacies. Your giftee doesn’t have to be a chocoholic. Your chocolate gift will still warm their heart. Food gifts make for one of the most memorable gifts one can receive. Instead of getting something that will forever be forgotten in a drawer, you can get your loved one an experience. Something that will excite their taste buds.

Also, keep in mind that it is very easy to make a mistake with a regular gift. You can get the wrong colour, the wrong size, the wrong gift entirely. But you can’t make a mistake with timeless food combinations like chocolate and champagne. These are the classics that never go out of style and that every person appreciates regardless of their personal lifestyle and preferences.

Edible Gifts Are Suitable for Every Occasion

birthday girl surrounded by edible gifts

The one universal gift suitable for every occasion is the edible arrangement. Birthday? Chocolate and wine will be more than appropriate. Anniversary? A nicely wrapped hamper with a personal card is the gift that will show how thoughtful you are. Graduation? There isn’t a better way to celebrate than by popping a bottle of champagne and indulging in desserts!

Sometimes (most of the time) it’s hard to come up with a gift that matches the occasion, the personal preference of the giftee and your budget. You need to put a lot of thought into finding a perfect gift that will fill all criteria. Unless you decide to get a gift that can be eaten. For a reasonable price, you get a gift that looks amazing, tastes even better and is suitable for every person and every celebration. You can save a lot of time, money and effort by going for food hampers or edible blooms. And you’ll get it right every single time!

It’s the Most Convenient Gift You Can Send

edible gifts being delivered

There’s yet another reason why chocolate and food gifts, in general, are the best gifts in existence. You can order the gift online and get it delivered to your giftee’s door. Why worry about delivering the gift on your own when you can have someone else do that for you? Plus, it will be a nice surprise for your giftee to find a nicely wrapped gift right outside their front door. As I mentioned before, you can include a nice personal card with your name and best wishes to make things even more adorable.

With just a click of a mouse, you can order the ideal gift, add a personal card and send it away to the receiver. It cannot get easier and more convenient than that. Foodie gifts take the gift-giving experience to a whole new level. You can forget all about running around stores trying to find something that will work as a gift. Gone are the days of investing energy and precious time into buying a present. Chocolate hampers make life so much simpler and better.