Relaxation: Make a Splash With a Hot Tub

By Steve George

December 21, 2020House & Garden Lifestyle

A hot tub is a perfect place for relaxation. Whether you plan on placing it in your backyard to enjoy and enhance the look of your outdoor space, or you want to install it in the comfort of your bathroom oasis, choosing the right hot tub and its size is is important for various reasons. To find the right size and configuration for you and your family, you need to think about more than just the space around the hot tub.

What Size Hot Tub Should I Get?

The main factor when deciding on your hot tub size should be how many people will be using it. Models that accommodate two people are the most popular (and perfect for couples) but that doesn’t mean you have to be influenced by others. Maybe you frequently have company in your home (more than once per month), if that’s the case, then you might like to pick a hot tub that’s a little bit larger.

Medium size models might suit your needs best. They are easy to install, don’t take up too much space, and are convenient to maintain. A medium-size 4 person hot tub for sale will allow you to relax and comfortably soak in alone or with a friend. They also have the capacity to fit your close family or another couple of guests without a problem. Most importantly – they have enough room to socialize without being in each other’s way.


Keep in mind that the number of seats in a hot tub isn’t necessarily equal to the number of people that can comfortably use it. For example, some 6 seat hot tubs will generally fit 4-5 adults, while a well designed 4 person hot tub for sale may provide you with the same results. The reason behind this isn’t the size of the seats but rather the footwell of the hot tub that is too small. The smaller the footwell, the more people’s feet will be touching, making everyone in the hot tub more uncomfortable. Pay close attention to the size of the footwell when you’re buying. You want to use this unit for many years to come, so do your due diligence and choose wisely.

Height and Depth

The size of the hot tub can determine how deep it will be. Hot tubs for 6 people spread out further, but that means you won’t get so much depth from the water itself. Although there is no standard measure for height and depth, there is a standard range. Most hot tub walls are between 85 – 105 cm high. Anything higher than that is considered too high and is custom made. Consider that the height of the hot tub will be different from the depth. The height is the distance from the bottom of the hot tub to the outside edges of the exterior wall, while the depth measures the depth of the water. Count that hot tub walls will be 10 – 15 cm above the waterline. To truly relax in your hot tub, the water should at least hit you around your shoulders.

Where to Place the Hot Tub?


Another factor to look for when choosing a hot tub size is the place you plan on installing it. If space is an issue, be sure to precisely measure your area before buying. The good thing about 4 person spas is that you can install them in your backyard (if space is not an issue), but they also fit on a deck or a small patio as well. Know that accessories like stairs and cover lifters will increase the space you need for the hot tub. For instance, cover lifters require an additional 15 – 50 cm of clearance so that they can properly function. Keep in mind proper support as well. Just because you opt for a medium 4 person spa doesn’t mean you need less support. The recommended foundation is a concrete pad with a minimum thickness of 10 cm. A patio paver is also acceptable, but it has to be compacted and then the brick surface can be laid followed by the hot tub. As hot tubs can weigh quite a lot, a proper setting is essential.

Hot Tub Size and Costs to Manage


The size of the hot tub is not only what you pay when you buy it, but you also need to consider its operating costs. Logically, a large hot tub will cost more to operate, while owning a 2 or 4 seater spa will lower the energy consumption. Also, the heater efficiency, motor, and insulation will factor in how much more you’d have to pay each month to operate your new hot tub. You need to pay attention to the efficiency of the heater as well as carefully maintain the system and the additional monthly cost shouldn’t be very high.