Our Simple Tips For Becoming A Better Parent

By Steve George

October 2, 2014Books

Parents around the world ask the same question – How to become a better parent? With so many obligations and so little time, being a role model parent is not easy at all. We all want to be the parent our kid wants, to have more free time to play and teach good manners. And although it may seem impossible, there is no need to panic. All good things happen in the right time. All you have to do, is use certain situations to teach your kids about self-reliance, self-control, cooperation kindness, and awake their curiosity, motivation and desire to achieve.


Even though parenting is one of the most researched areas in the field of social science, still there aren’t exact answers to the question – What it takes to become a good parent? Not every approach offers same results. It is individual and depends on yours and your child’s personality. Thus, try different things ans see what works best for both you and your child. Check out our simple tips for becoming a better parent.

Establish And Set Rules – If you fail to establish certain rules to control your kid’s behavior, when he/she is young, then you will have tough time doing that when he/she is older. Your kid must know what he/she is allowed to do and what not. The reason why you set certain rules is not just to show that you are the head of the family, but also to shape your kid’s character as well.

Be Involved In Your Child’s Life – When you become a parent, sacrificing becomes your second name. But, it’s worth it. Money or career can’t replace the precious time you spend with your kid. It’s true that you will sometimes fail to do things properly, but that’s part of parenting. If you want to guide your kid on the right path, then you must be there for him/her mentally and physically.

Treat Your Child With Respect – If you want your kid to respect you as a parent, then you must treat him/her with respect as well. Whenever your kid wants to share an opinion, listen carefully and respect what he/she has to say. Children copy what parents do, so make sure your kid learns the best from you.

Buy Parenting Books – Parenting books are loaded with helpful tips and techniques. You will find many Parenting course books, but the one that has stood out in the last few years is ”The Parenting Children Course” book written by Nick and Sila Lee. This amazing couple decided to use their own experience to help parents around the world. Authors use fresh insights and values in this effective parenting course that each parent, prospective parent and teachers of children aged 0-10 years can use. This parenting course consists of five week sessions that deal with topics like:

  • Meeting our children’s needs;
  • Building strong foundations;
  • Setting boundaries;
  • Teaching healthy relationships;
  • Understanding the long term aim parents offer to their kids.