Smoothie Cup: Tips on How to Enjoy Your Favourite Drink on the Go

By Maria Rogerson

March 1, 2021Travel

There is nothing like a cold fruit smoothie to start your day on a refreshing note, refuel your energy after a hard workout in the gym or keep hunger at bay between meals. This fresh and creamy beverage seems to impact every aspect of our lives with its health benefits – from boosting our metabolism to helping us lose weight, have better skin, hair and nails, to improving our mood.


It’s easy to prep and it is a great way to give us that much-needed boost of energy. So, what do you need to make your own smoothie from scratch All you need is a blender, fruits or veggies, water, milk or yogurt and the most important – a smoothie travel cup, so you can enjoy your drink on the go.

Smoothie Cups

The best part of buying a smoothie travel cup is that you can take your delicious drink with you wherever you want and enjoy a delicious and healthy treat throughout the day. Some cups are an all-in-one container that can be used for prepping, bleeding and drinking. Other reusable smoothie cups are simple tumblers to carry your smoothie to work, to the gym or anywhere else you want. Take a look at the different types.

Stainless Steel Smoothie Tumblers

These sleek-looking smoothie cups are one of the most stylish ways to serve your favourite beverage. They are reusable and you can use them for smoothies on the go. Most of them are made from vacuum insulated stainless steel, have a screw lid with a stainless steel straw and silicone safety tip. The dual-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel keeps the beverages hot or cold for hours. Moreover, they are BPA-free and dishwasher safe. Most of them have a removable lid that is conveniently designed for use with or without straw, depending on your drink of choice.

Furthermore, one of the best advantages of using these quality built tumblers is that they are great to use not only for smoothies but for carrying your morning coffee, ice tea, water, frozen margaritas or any other drink you can imagine. Anyway, keep in mind that the lid is not leakproof and the cup needs to be kept upright while in use.


Glass Smoothie Cups

We can all agree that everything tastes better when you drink it from a glass container. Glass smoothie cups are very beautiful and functional. They are usually made from odour-free, stain-free, and clean tasting borosilicate glass to keep them as lightweight as possible. Furthermore, the glass is protected by a silicone sleeve that protects against chips and cracks and has a sustainably sourced bamboo lid. Each part, silicone, wood and glass is very well made, thick and sturdy. Once the lid is on, the silicone seal keeps it firmly in place preventing the drink from spilling. Moreover, these smoothie cups come with BPA-free parts and they can fit most car cup holders. They are dishwasher safe and there is no need to remove the silicone. However, make sure to wash the bamboo lid by hand, otherwise, it can get damaged.

Classic Tumblers with a Straw Lid

These simple and modern smoothie cups are made from stainless steel and are vacuum insulated to keep your drinks cold. They come with a screw lid that stays firmly in place and a stainless steel straw with its own stopper so it can’t be completely pulled out and lost. This is one of the reasons why these reusable smoothie cups are perfect for kids. Moreover, their capacity is usually 450ml which is the best size for kids or adults smoothies, water, juice or milkshakes.

They are made from high-quality, food-grade stainless steel that won’t hang on to flavours. That being said, they are easy to wash and use again without reminding you of the last drink you had. They come with a set of silicone drinking straws and can be suitable for kids 3 years old and up. Make sure to supervise your children when drinking from the straw.


Leakproof Smoothie Cups

Leakproof smoothie cups or shaker containers are designed to be used with cold liquids only. They have a leakproof lid that makes the transport of the smoothie very easy. They are made from tempered glass and an air-tight seal on the lid that clips firmly into place, which makes them perfect for transit. That is why they are most commonly used when travelling. The lid is BPA-free and it is advisable to be hand-washed only.

The bottom of the shaker is made of glass and should also be treated with care. You can easily remove the stirrer and use it to store nuts, nut butter, seeds, cacao nibs, small snack bites and more.


As you can see, there are many different smoothie cups for travelling on the market that wait to be discovered. The most important is to choose durable, eco-friendly and modern smoothie takeaway cup that can make your life easier and keep you hydrated and healthy. Consider your needs and your budget and choose the one that will make you feel most enthusiastic about taking your smoothie with you.