Snowboarding 101: Tips for Choosing the Right Snowboard

By Maria Rogerson

September 22, 2021Sports

Man snowboarding


Snowboarding is one of the best winter activities a lot of people in our land go for during the cold season. And when it comes to snowboarding, you only need two things to have the time of your life- a little bit of enthusiasm and the right snowboarding gear. Talking about essential equipment for snowboarding, the snowboard takes first place on the list. In other words, choosing the right snowboard won’t only give you the best performance on the snowy terrain, but it’ll also protect you from nasty falls and injuries. This is why we put together a couple of tips to help you choose the right snowboard for your upcoming adventure in the snow.

Types of Snowboards



Whether you’re about to buy snowboard gear online or hit your favourite brick and mortar store, it’s essential to get to know the different types of snowboards before you invest in something that won’t fit your needs and preferences. Generally, we can split snowboards into the following four categories:

All-mountain Snowboards

This is the universal type of snowboard and therefore perfect for every beginner in the snowboarding world. In other words, all-mountain snowboards are very versatile and can be used in different conditions and types of terrains- from riding on powdered surfaces to doing your best tricks on difficult pistes.

Except for that, all-mountain snowboards are ultimately balanced and therefore very easy to control. So whether you’re a beginner snowboarder, or you only want to casually board for fun, an all-mountain snowboard is one of the best additions to your snowboard gear.

Freeride Snowboards

Except for all-mountain snowboards, you’ll also come across the freeride type in all the snowboard gear online and brick and mortar shops. These boards are specially designed to handle difficult pistes, terrains and conditions. They feature a directional shape to enable riding in one direction or down the hills and a stiffer flex to additionally increase your stability and control while riding.

So, if you want to release your “fight or flight hormone” and hit the most ungroomed snow terrains in our land, a freeride snowboard is the perfect choice for you.

Alpine Snowboards

This type of snowboard is narrow, and therefore ideal for riding and carving down the hills. Hence, they make for the perfect type to perform the ultimate clean turns on sharp edges and maintain control at the highest speeds.

However, unlike some other types, alpine snowboards are intended for riding in one direction only and they aren’t suitable for doing tricks and freestyle riding.

Freestyle Snowboards

If you’re about to do some freestyle riding, make sure you get a specialized freestyle snowboard. These boards are shorter in length, asymmetrical in shape and much more flexible than any other type of snowboard. In addition, they feature a centred stance which is intended to maintain balance and absorb the shock of any tough landings.

Measure the Length

Woman with a snowboard beside


When it comes to choosing a snowboard, know that not all of them are equally made, and the length plays a huge factor in your performance and safety. At this point, it’s important to choose the length of your snowboard according to weight and height.

The weight distribution on your snowboard has a great impact on how your board will feel under your feet. If the snowboard is too long for you, you’ll struggle to apply the right amount of pressure and it will make it hard to maintain proper control. On the other hand, if the board is too short, it won’t feel stable at all. The same rules also apply to your height, since taller riders weigh more than shorter ones that have similar body constructions.

For determining the right length, it’s recommended to stand next to the board and see exactly how long it is. The right one should come up between the top of your chin and the top of your nose, and anything else won’t be appropriate for you.

Determine the Width

Determining snowboard width according boots size


On the other hand, the snowboard’s width should always be sized to fit your snowboarding boots so it allows you to modulate pressure with your ankles and maintain control over the board. At this point, have in mind that a board that is too wide will hit the snow and make you fall every time you take a turn while a too skinny one will make you end up dragging your toes and hills and therefore, lose control.

Except for that, snowboards’ width differs according to gender and age. For instance, snowboards for women are always designed with narrower waists to match the female body anatomy and their smaller feet. Also, when it comes to choosing a board for your child, the market offers specialized snowboards for children that are designed to provide comfort and safety.

To choose the right width for you, make sure you follow your manufacturer’s sizing chart, according to your snowboarding boots size.

Choose the Right Shape

Snowboard shapes


Finally, your snowboard’s shape should always match your riding style so you can maintain control and take turns and land safely. Hence, there’re three types of snowboard shapes:

  • Directional snowboards are mainly designed for one-direction rides and are therefore perfect for riding at high speeds and carving. Such boards are typically the all-mountain type and the freeride type of snowboards.
  • Twin snowboards are symmetrical and intended for riding them forward or backward without influencing your performance. Such boards are typically those that are mostly intended for park and pipe riding.
  • Directional twin boards are a great choice for those who don’t want to commit to one type of riding only. They’re great for both, riding all over mountains and grooming difficult snows and terrains. Hence, also makes for the perfect choice if you don’t want to invest in versatile boards for different riding styles.

Now that you know what are the main things to consider, it’s time to visit one of the snowboard gear Australia wide shops and get the perfect board for your upcoming adventures in the snow.