The Beautifying Effect of Bathroom Wallpapers

By Maria Rogerson

January 27, 2016Home & Decor

I never thought that this day would come, but bathroom wallpapers truly look very glam! Anyone who has seen the difference a wallpaper can make, even after simply drooling over some mesmerizing bathroom wallpaper ideas, will never look at bathrooms the same way. This includes myself, even though I was the first one to protest.

I suppose you are wondering what pulled the trigger for the big change, so I won’t keep you in the dark for too long. Usually, when someone has undefined resentment towards an idea, lack of information is what lurks behind, and that was exactly my case. I always considered bathrooms as a place where humidity reigns, so something so pretty and rather fragile as a wallpaper, did not seem like the right addition to them.


However, as I later on discovered, you can definitely beautify your bathroom with a wallpaper without worrying that it will fall apart or get damaged after a few weeks. This was very important for me, since I was longing for the popular, yet so old-fashioned vintage look that can be achieved with a light blue wallpaper with floral print.

The list of the things you need to take into consideration when choosing you wallpaper is short, but mandatory:

  • Depending on your individual needs, there are wallpapers that are water resistant and ones that are highly water resistant (for bathrooms where there is constant humidity). If you must opt for the latter, the choice of prints may shrink, or you will just need to do a more thorough research until you find the one that will suit both your aesthetic preferences and protection needs. These wallpapers feature PVA coating that can blocks the steam from destroying the paper and it can be cleaned with any kind of detergent and a sponge.
  • Material wise, wallpapers have improved tremendously since they were first invented in the 1930s. Nowadays, you can find wallpapers that are durable, easy to clean, removable, with a wide palette of colours to choose from, the most popular being variations and combinations with baby pink, dark green and light blue wallpapers. For instance, solid vinyl is a type of material suitable for all areas susceptible to water, stains, humidity and more, due to its non-absorbent surface. It is comprised of vinyl film laminated to a paper of fabric substrate. It is impossible for water to penetrate through it and if it gets dirty you can scrub its surface without damaging it.

Once you ensure that the wallpaper you have chosen can stand up to the harmful effects of the daily exposure to steam, you can fully enjoy the loveliness of it – every single bit!