Our Tips for Choosing Men’s Work Pants: Avoid Mistakes!

By Maria Rogerson

November 2, 2018Clothes

bottom pants mens
Most men aren’t picky when it comes to clothing, and work clothing is no exception. However, like it or not, what you put on says a lot about you even without you saying a word, and the choice of style and outfits matters a great deal especially in the business area.

Regardless of what the business is, it’s important to pay attention on the mens work pants. While breathability and comfort are the two essential aspects you should be after when purchasing, there are certain no-no’s you have to avoid unless you want to give off the wrong impression and barely make it through the work hours or business area for that matter.

Tip No. 1: Choose the Golden Middle – Chinos

chino mens pants

Most of the time, men would just love to appear in their shorts, and it’s understandable particularly when the weather is hot, yet, some mens work pants, like the ever-so-stylish chinos, are the great balance between formal and casual and would still provide you with the much-needed cooling off paired with a smart look.

Versatile as they are, you can find them in a variety of colours and prints, but in the case of business wear, it’s advisable to stick to neutrals like black, navy, or camel. They surprise with the ideal choice of material too; you can find them mostly made of twill cotton. Great news is you can wear them outside the workplace in both informal and formal occasions like a day out with friends, or weddings.

Tip No. 2: Mind the Length

bottom pants for men

Often, we tend to pay more attention on the size than on the length, and no, it’s not that cool when you wear pants that are too long. Instead of Joe Cool, you risk appearing funny with the pants flapping around the ankles. Women love humour in a guy but not when it’s clothing-related.

Tip No. 3: Don’t Fall for Cuffs

cuffed mens pants

Okay, we get it, many celebrities have rocked the looks on the carpets with their pants with cuffs, however this isn’t recommended for work, nor is it recommended for shorter men. Same as with the length, you won’t make heads turn because of looking cool, on the contrary it’s the opposite.

Tip No. 4: The Stance on Jeans

If you really must wear them then make sure you choose dark denim. By all means, stay away from light-wash jeans, skinny jeans, baggy jeans, distressed jeans, and low-waisted jeans to be able to really rock the smart casual look at work.