Tips For Choosing Evergreen Trees: Add Greenery That Will Last All Year Long

By Maria Rogerson

April 21, 2016Home & Decor House & Garden

As you might already know, we can’t survive without plants. Along with supplying us with nutrients, they provide other numerous benefits as well. This is why it is always a great idea to plant your own trees as they are known to improve people’s lives. The best way to add greenery to your garden that will last all year long is by planting evergreen trees. These beauties have the power to remain green even through the harshest winters making them the perfect addition to any property.

evergreen trees

Since they are available in a number of different species (Mission Olive, Silver Sheen Pittosporum, Syzygium “Backyard Bliss” Eucalyptus Radiata, etc.), sizes and shapes, choosing the best evergreen trees for your garden or urban environment can be a piece of cake. All you need to do is take the amount of available space into account, as well as the soil specifications, and you are ready to make your decision. You can save time and money when choosing the right evergreens by considering the following factors.

Size Matters

Just as when you look for the matching combination of flowers and planters based on size, it is important to know the size of evergreens. Planting too many of them in your small garden or in a smaller city lot can look disastrous and take up a great deal of space. Evergreens like spruce or fir can cover a circle of 9 metres in diameter when fully grown, so think twice before picking them for your yard. With a small garden you will find that Upright juniper or Ficus hilli “Flash” are better options instead.


Evergreen trees and shrubs come in several shapes, such as pyramid, globe, cone, spreading and low spreading. While they’re all beautiful, not all of them are suitable for every amount of space. For example, spreading evergreens can look perfect under windows, while cone shaped ones are great for walkways. In case you want to make your garden more private, you should consider mass planting the vast pyramid shaped evergreens.

Colour And Texture

If you want to add more colour in your yard, the appealing Tristaniopsis laurina with its beautiful yellowish flowers or the Callistemon ‘Kings Park Special’ with its alluring red flowers, can be your top choices. Make sure you know the colour and textures of the chosen evergreens prior to planting so as to avoid a visual clutter of having too many colours.


Besides the positive effects on diversity of deciduous trees, Australia’s climate is suitable for evergreens as well. Although monsoonal (especially northern Australia), many statistics have shown that high air temperature and rainfall seasons in Australia can favour evergreens. Evergreens are also the ideal solution for shaded places, and if planted on the north-western side of your home, they can reduce the heat inside the rooms making them the place to hide during the hottest parts of the day.