Tips for Creating a Comfortable Home by Adding Layers of Variation

By Maria Rogerson

October 14, 2016Home & Decor

Ah, home sweet home. No matter how much of a wanderlust mood we’re in, resorting to escapism and seeing new sights, there’s always that one place we long to go back to. As much as the reason for the need to embark on journeys lies in having busy lifestyles that are mainly sedentary, it also has to do with needing a change of scenery other than seeing that same old same old at home. In this case, how does one create such interior comfort that will make it difficult to grow tired of? The answer is simple – instead of a one dimensional (and rather monotonous) home décor, add variation by layers of texture. Mind you, there’s a fine line between aesthetics and clutter. Creating layers doesn’t mean stacking up piles of just about anything and everything that comes at hand, but creating depth by use of decorating elements. Here are some of our tips to guide you through so you don’t feel lost in all the layers and textures.


Since walls take up a vast area, what you do with them can largely influence your style so their role in creating a multi-dimensional home is significant. If you want to create a lasting impression, consider using the charm of wallpapers. Contrary to some people’s beliefs, wallpapers aren’t outdated, they have made a great comeback and they don’t require too much work neither with hanging them nor with removing them. Though choosing by patterns may be your primary goal, choosing wallpaper by color can be more of help in the overall decorating process. Decorating every room (yes, even your bathroom!) or just one, all walls or opting for accent walls, it’s all up to how bold you want to be with the stories your walls can tell. Whether it’s monochromatic look you’re after, the softness of pastel, vibrant mixes, or luxury of gold, there are plenty of choices of wallpaper by color that can catch your eye.

It’s a no-brainer accessories are going to be your best bet when you want to make a statement with details. What we mean by accessories is any decorating piece that you’d simply love to include in your nest, be it the flair of rugs, either one or several layered, mirrors and their frames, mantelpiece or coffee table with ornamental versatility, but be wary of not adding too much of the same shape and size as it can easily be mixed with clutter. Greenery, no matter the kind and size of it, is sure to breathe life into your interior and along with having versatility concerning plants, you can get the same with planters. Much in the like of walls, windows have an important role, and it’s sad how often they are overlooked. The world of window treatments is vast so a word of advice is to buy modern curtains and blinds. All of the materials and textures they have can greatly add to your decorating game, furthermore they will keep your furniture and floors protected from overexposure to damaging UV rays and insulate your home.

We hope this article serves you well and inspires you to be daring as you explore the ways and textures you can arrange your décor with. Let your imagination run wild and let the fun begin.