Tips for Eye-Catching Windows

By Maria Rogerson

August 24, 2017Home & Decor

I’m sure you already did your share of window decorations, and don’t think you should give them more attention than you already have but hear me out. No home is a home without windows; they provide us with the right amount of light, and at the same time the perfect outside view from the inside – they are the soul of our homes. As such, they deserve all the care.Online Roller Blinds

Unless you’re a minimalist who finds the thought and sight of window treatments cluttering, and another chore on the cleaning list, you could always give blinds a go. With a simple search, you’d be able to find online roller blinds that are just what a designer would order for your interior décor to be brought to life – the treatment that wouldn’t even break your bank. Since the options are vast, there are those roller blinds with a clean, elegant design that even minimalists would love.

You’d be surprised just how vast the world of online roller blinds is, giving you the freedom to choose from a variety of colours, and fabrics (blockout, insul block, mantra blockout), giving you the full control over your privacy, light, as well as helping you cut down on electricity bills by improving heating and cooling. Naked windows aren’t just bad for your furnishings and floors due to all the sun exposure, but also for your interior décor. A window covering makes a home warm, and inviting. Windows can be focal points too, you know!

The great thing about blinds is you could also pair them up with some stylish curtains, if you think there’s some luxury lacking. There are also draperies, and valances, but if you’re afraid of overdoing it, you could just use the help of blinds and curtains. The secret of window treatments is they have the power to transform your abode, in terms of colours and texture. You can rely on them if you want to spice up your décor without significantly modifying it, to add contrasts to your furniture, and walls.

As soon as you’ve chosen your preferred window coverings, think of turning your windows into reading nooks. Books add a certain appeal, and the chance to resort to escapism in your very home, so reading spots are never too much. To prep up the windows a step further, you can find some vivid window decals, in the form of intricate flowers and petals for instance, or some famous city landmarks.

If you have large windows, and window seats, that allow for some decoration reading/sitting-wise, you can use the space to add more versatility by using different textures, in the form of blankets, sheets, and cushions. If, however, you don’t have window seats, fret not, you can still have your cosy reading cocoon by the window, by adding a pair of comfy armchairs right beside. Don’t wait up to start working on these tips, you might find yourself with more inspiration to further customise the window areas.