Our Tips on How to Harness the Power of Scandi Design for Your Home

By Steve George

November 29, 2018Furniture

As people increasingly turn their homes into retreats from everyday stress, it is no surprise that Scandinavian design is taking over all other design options. This design is timeless because it is simple, beautiful, finely crafted, and made with natural materials. The rooms furnished with Scandinavian design furniture are seen as multi-use spaces that come off as inviting, elegant and accessible. In order to achieve this, these interiors include natural elements (wood and natural fibres) and lots of texture. Moreover, this design uses light to bring interiors to life. There are several features which Scandinavian design follows and appreciates, so let’s look through some of them.

Scandinavian style furniture2

  • Wooden floors -Since one of the ultimate goals of Scandinavian design is to achieve light, breezy spaces, it relies on light coloured elements made of wood. The ones that are mostly used are oak or ash wood floors, which provide unusual but easily likable visual dynamic against the otherwise minimal style of the rest of the interior.
  • Simple furniture – This is probably the most important part of the design scheme. Rooms furnished with Scandinavian design furniture are sleek and modern and offer very simple aesthetic. Light colours and sturdy materials are some of the things that best define this style.
  • Simple Accents – One of the main characteristics of Scandinavian design is keeping the clutter away as much as possible. Overcrowded rooms are a big no-no for this type of interior design, and that is why the d├ęcor is kept to a minimum and it usually consists of contemporary lamps, clear glass baubles, and simple photo frames.
  • Natural light in bulk – The best-looking spaces decorated and furnished in Scandinavian style usually feature large windows that let an ample amount of natural light. The reason behind this idea is to make the space look larger and airier than it actually is. However, since not every home has large windows, keeping the walls white and making use of all natural light available is the next best thing.
  • Clean lines – Excessive detailing is rarely, if ever, found in Scandinavian design. Instead of that, the style relies on sleek and solid pieces with no intricate carvings or embellishments that stay true to the simplistic Nordic aesthetic.

As a design choice, this style enjoys widespread popularity because it can be pulled off in either high-end or more basic way, without losing any of its characteristics and features. Lastly, if minimalistic, clean home design with lots of brightness and muted colours is something that matches your idea of a perfect home, you should consider taking a page from the full Scandinavian playbook. You won’t ever regret it.