Tips on How to Let Your Cat Enjoy Its Freedom Outdoors

By Maria Rogerson

July 9, 2019Pets

When we welcome cats in our families, we start thinking of them as part of the family, as members if you will not merely as pets, yet when it comes to giving them the freedom they require we get confused.

It’s okay to be protective of your furry friend but it’s also important to understand the living creatures cats are they need their own freedom too; Ask yourself this: Would you feel okay never leaving home?

Instead of keeping them home at all times, you could make the most of offering them some fun time outside, taking care of safety first of course. One way of doing so is to get a sliding glass pet door so your cat could go out whenever it wants, be it to chase off some bird or to nap in the sun.

What’s great about these doors is you won’t have to worry about ruining your home’s appearance because they’re elegant and ideal for both solid wooden panels and doors. On the plus side they’re affordable and easy to install too! Have in mind though if you don’t have a cat patio that’s secured and allows your cat to enjoy the outdoors without ever wandering off, it’s advisable to first visit the vet and microchip and neuter the cat.

Neutering is necessary because when male cats aren’t they tend to wander off for days, sometimes even weeks, whereas with females the worst that could happen is having kittens that you may not be exactly excited about so to prevent both situations get them neutered. Apart from acquiring a sliding glass pet door you also have to consider training your cat indoors before it even gets to explore the outdoors.

Sure, they’re not as obedient as dogs but that doesn’t mean you won’t succeed in teaching your cat how to go on walks with you on a leash without panicking at every noise or person that walks by. Treats are always of help with training however be sure not to exaggerate or you risk making your cat gain weight and not being trained at all.

The benefits of having a cat that’s able to have fun outdoors are immense, you’d notice it in the way it’s behaves, there’d be no furniture scratches for one as it would scratch trees, roll in grass and dirt, chase birds and stay in touch with its animal nature which translates to a happy cat!